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What Hashtags are Trending On Facebook?

Updated on August 18, 2020
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Facebook Hashtags - How Can I Use Them?
Facebook Hashtags - How Can I Use Them?

The ability to use twitter-like hashtags on Facebook is now officially live.

We have regularly seen the use of hashtags on Facebook in status updates before however they were never clickable so their presence was not user-friendly.

This has now all changed.

Not only are they now clickable, but searchable too, and better still, even if they originate from Twitter, Pinterest or other social media sites, and are fed through to Facebook, they will remain active.

This new feature will allow you to add context to anything you post or contribute to a larger discussion.

Facebook Hashtags - how can I use them?

How To Create A Hashtag On Facebook?

You can make any word or phrase (no spaces between words) into a hashtag simply by adding a # symbol in front of it. This is the same method currently used on Twitter.

As soon as you type the # symbol, a blue box will appear over your tag. All you need to do then is publish your post and your newly created tag will become clickable, and appear in bold within your status.

Don’t go overboard however and create hashtags out of every word or acronym you can think of.

Hashtag Tips

  • #Do #Not #Overdo #It
: Don’t add the # symbol to every word. Try to select the most relevant term or phrase. One is best. Two is acceptable. Three or more looks ridiculous!
  • #Keepitsimple: 
Try not to create a tag #thatisreallylongandlookslikethis because the rule is that short and concise hashtags work the best. Long ones are often too hard to read and if you are wanting people to use them in posts, you could run the risk of them misspelling something.

Creating a hashtag on Facebook
Creating a hashtag on Facebook
Facebook Hashtags in News feeds - Clickable Links
Facebook Hashtags in News feeds - Clickable Links

Can I Click My Hashtag?

Yes, you can.

Once your status has been posted, just like a regular update that you make, you can click onto the tag that you just created to see a list of posts that have the same tag in use.

When you click on any hashtag, a new overlay window will appear showing you matching content.

If you prefer to have the hashtag stream open outside on a page and not in a box simply right click and click open in new tab/window.

How Can I Search For Hashtags?

You can search for any hashtag on Facebook simply by entering it into the top search box.

Even if you have never previously used the particular tag in a post yourself, because Facebook is tracking them, you will be presented with a series of posts where that tag has been used.

This will show the same results as if you had clicked it directly from a post itself.

Searching for a Facebook Hashtag
Searching for a Facebook Hashtag

Privacy And Hashtags

Just like a normal status update, you can still control your audience for your posts, including those with hashtags.

Will Facebook Hashtags Affect Privacy?

No. There will be no changes to privacy with the use of hashtags.

Who can see my posts when I use hashtags?

The only people who can see the updates you post, are those that you have chosen to share them with. None of Facebook's privacy settings have changed!

As with a regular link or update you share, you have the ability to select the audience. Whether it be friends or the public. This remains the same.

If you choose to share your posts with your friends, then when it appears in their news feed, they will be able to see your use of the # symbol and they can click onto it themselves to see any other related posts.

Benefits Of Using Hashtags On Facebook

The hashtag gives you the power to follow conversations on topics of interest to you and similarly, a fantastic way to create your own conversation.

  • Create your own unique tag for your business and use it in every update you post
  • Create your own unique tag for a signature product you sell or service you provide
  • If you are holding an event, create a tag just for it to help spread the word
  • Start a hashtag to introduce a brand new product
  • and so on

The uses are endless and the benefits will allow you to use Facebook in a brand new way. Furthermore, if you use other social media platforms, you can extend your use of your tag across all platforms to cover even more ground.

They can also be used to create controversial topics or highlight particular issues or causes and when used regularly and in interesting ways you will see start to see others immediately sharing and re-post the information.

Facebook Hashtags are just being rolled out now so as with all changes they may not be clickable or visible for you just yet. The full global launch is expected within weeks. Keep an eye out though and whilst you can start to use them until they can be clicked on, they will just look like a regular-old Twitter tag.

What are your thoughts on Facebook introducing tags?

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