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Facebook Logout (Info From the Facebook Topic Series)

Updated on February 1, 2011

Facebook Logout

When you are done using Facebook, logout! This page will tell you both why and how.

Logging out of Facebook is especially important if you use Facebook on a “public” computer. “Public” in this sense can mean any computer that other people might use. The most obvious examples would be if you use Facebook at work or at a public internet access hub, like a local public library. But this can be as subtle as using a computer for a few minutes at a friend’s house to check your Facebook. Once you finish with Facebook, logout, so that no one who uses the computer after you has access to your account. This is very important when you are at a computer that will be used by a lot of people, as any one of those people could potentially get on the computer after you, hijack your account, and create all sorts of mischief.

“Facebook logout” is actually a common Facebook topic that people wonder about. A lot of people who use Facebook are not even aware that just closing the browser window does not necessarily log them out of Facebook. If you have logged in under the setting, “Keep me logged in” (which you might have even done without knowing), then you must manually logout before leaving the computer. Here is a series of pictures with step-by-step instruction on the Facebook logout process, so that you don’t end up having strangers access your Facebook account.

Step One: Account

First, find and click on “Account”. It is near the upper right corner of the page, no matter where you are in Facebook.

Step Two: Logout

After you click on “Account”, the Account tab opens up, with choices like “Edit Friends”, “Account Settings”, and “Privacy Settings”. “Logout” is the very last choice. Click it.

Step Three: Verify Facebook Logout

After you have clicked “Logout”, make sure that you see a screen similar to the one below. This is the login screen, and means that you have successfully logged out of Facebook.

The Facebook Topics Series

This article is the first in a series of installments known as the Facebook Topic Series, designed to inform and educate Facebook users about different aspects of Facebook functionality. I hope you have found this useful.


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    • japtaker profile image

      Justin Aptaker 6 years ago from United States

      Thank you, slideseven!

    • slideseven profile image

      slideseven 6 years ago from UK

      This is excellent advice. We have all done it-especially myself when I've been in a hurry- forgetting to log out on ANY site is dodgy! Mind you, some Blogs and Face book and twitter included tend to make their log out signs very small, or you have to access 'help' or some other box to log out.

      A good hub!