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Facebook. Now Changing Your Relevant Contact Information. But Hey, It's Still Free, Right?

Updated on August 30, 2016
Watch out social media lovers! While you're having fun with friends, there's a shark in the water!
Watch out social media lovers! While you're having fun with friends, there's a shark in the water! | Source

Facebook is Supposed to be Free, Right?

The actual cost of anything being FREE is that there is always a way that you pay with something other than money instead of getting something actually FREE. You give something to get something.

The adage "There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" (TNSTAAFL) applies here. Although you are not paying a service fee for using Facebook, (FB) you are releasing your information for harvest by Facebook and its' affiliates.

Through Facebook's privacy settings, you can control- to a certain degree- the amount of information that is allowed to be accessible, however, that can be very time consuming, and as a dynamic company, those settings would need to be checked and changed very regularly to ensure that you were always as secure or as private as you felt was necessary.

The information that you enter in your profile when you create your Facebook account is information is assuredly sold or rented by the Facebook corporation to advertisers. You even agree to this when you sign up for an account. Facebook makes money by coming up with creative ways to harvest and sell your information.

By creating a Facebook email account as your contact, I am sure that it is the hope of the Facebook creators that you will use the account, and therefore add time to your logged in time on Facebook and the social network it has become.

It has been in the news recently that Facebook users are spending much less time on the social media giant than what they had been in the past. The reason for this is that things and people change.

If you were to use the Facebook email application, you would increase the time spent on the site, which increases the amount of ads that can be served to you, which increases the potential for earnings for them.

As the economy is still in a delicate place right now, anything that a company can do to generate any revenue is considered a brilliant idea by their board of directors.

It is not mandatory in life to have a Facebook account. If you don't like what Facebook is doing, you are free to leave their site. There are also other social media sites available.

The fact of the matter is Facebook fully knows that they currently have the biggest social media site in the world, and they will continue to aggressively harvest from it until enough people turn away from them.

What could change the way that Facebook currently does business?

A. They back off on the amount of information that they harvest or reach a saturation level that causes long term loss of subscribers or not enough new subscribers, causing a loss in revenue gains or

B. They fail to hold perception as remaining relevant and people discover another social media site to be a part of. by not remaining dynamic with a potential for change and growth.

Remember MySpace? How relevant are they to you now? Do you even have a MySpace account anymore? Most of us do not. Facebook is for many of us who are a part of social networks the only game in town. Facebook does know that unless you can convince all of your friends to come to a new social media site, or stop being a part of their social media site, they don't have to do anything.

If you are still frustrated, the best thing that you can do is:

1. Be aware that the information you put in your profile WILL be harvested by Facebook.

2. Create an email account solely for your Facebook account so that your personal email account STAYS private.

3. Don't approve of friend requests from people that you don't know well, and avoid even answering requests from people that you do not know at all.

4. Check your settings once a month to stay abreast of any changes as they occur.

5. Change your password at least once per quarter to ensure that you are staying as safe as possible.

6. Stay in touch with friends by actually seeing them and speaking with them instead of relying on a social network to maintain your friendships. :)


Make Sure You Are Private, Some Additional Tips For Facebook

When I created a Facebook account, I created it using an email address solely for Facebook and created a name that was similar to mine, yet not mine.

My profile picture is a cartoon silhouette, my wallpaper is a sunset. Everything is set private to Friends Only. I did everything that I could to "lock down" my settings. I also made it a point to never post events I was going to, vacations I was going on or anything else that could make me vulnerable to predators or robbers. By doing this, it made me really aware of my real presence in a virtual world. I did not accept friend requests from people I did not know, even if they were friends with my friends. In being careful, I have done everything that I can to have an account on a social network while being safe and cautious.

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  • alphagirl profile image

    alphagirl 5 years ago from USA

    Great to know. I don't have time to do all the social media. I check my facebook when I see a notification, but i don't post pics or talk about anything personal. I do like it for work if it is about design. I will not use it as a platform to discuss anything that I would not tell you in person. If it is that personal I would rather call anyhow. Well, said, we can be or own worst enemy. I think people forget and just start chatting away on FB and forget where they are posting. Golly and if you can't remember when who said what, FB has it time- lined.WHOA! for those who say they never said something, it is the written word. Pretty darn permanent.

  • alphagirl profile image

    alphagirl 5 years ago from USA

    Thanks but I think fb uses a lot of bare and switch! It USA marketing mammoth! I would use it more likes linked in!

  • Randy M. profile image

    Randy McLaughlin 5 years ago from Liberia, Costa Rica

    Facebook is really not the only game in town: You can have accounts with Google+,, zurker, Tumbler and others. And there is no obligation to put down real info on your profile. That's were people compromise their privacy. The world doesn't have to know everything about you.

    I think it important to clarify why you are on Facebook or any other social media, for that matter. Having all of your info on the net through an open, uncontrolled account is silly and unnecessary. Share only what you want to and consider it shared with the world. Facebook is not the enemy, but you can be your own worst enemy.