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Facebook Or Myspace

Updated on February 1, 2010

Facebook Or Myspace: Which Is The Best Social Networking Site

We all know that the top two social networking sites are Facebook and Myspace and at least one person you know is affiliated. I personally have a page on both sites and I have noticed that I tend to use Facebook way more than Myspace now. I love the whole concept of Facebook. The quizzes and surveys are very unique because you can take your friends quiz or just make your own. The object of Facebook is really different from Myspace. It is basically for you to reconnect with your old classmates and friends that you have not seen in years. You can create groups that focus on your alumni and the activities of your alumni classes. You can recieve update's about class reunion's and more. I also like the fact that you can chat openly with everyone on your wall and you still have the option to send private messages.

Myspace sometimes is cool because I do find more people I know on Myspace than Facebook but I think that this will soon change because of the more grown up nature of Facebook. Myspace caters a lot too the young generation and people who are trying to promote their music and videos. You can use any name you want on Myspace and no one will know who you are unless they see your pic sometimes.

The graphics on Myspace profile pages sometimes takes ages to load depending on your profile content but I do like the App games they have such as MOBSTER'S and Mafia Wars. Facebook is starting to have a lot of these same feature's on their site as well. I have noticed Myspace trying to step their game up by adding the option to comment on people's status and by creating a similar online chat that is just like Facebook's.

In the end I still love Myspace but I have to be honest and say that Facebook is absolutely my favorite because of the grown up scale of the network. I still have a Myspace account and I continue to be very active on the site so I guess it really is not a big deal but Myspace has a lot of work to do to get the same response as Facebook these days.

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