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My News Feed Apps for IOS and Android

Updated on July 24, 2016
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Alfred is a long-time teacher and computer enthusiast who works with and troubleshoots a wide range of computing devices.

Great news feed apps for IOS 7
Great news feed apps for IOS 7

When Facebook Paper app was first unveiled in 2014 Feb, it caught many by surprise.

  • First was the complete remake of the old Facebook interface, giving it the Flipboard look,
  • Secondly, the Paper app explains in no uncertain terms, that news feed apps and other forms of aggregation is the way to go.

News feed syndication, which started as web feeds in the desktop era, has quickly transformed to feed apps as the globe is fast embracing mobile devices.

This type of news distribution makes use of app readers which assemble vast amounts of updated news from popular content writers and publishers, and making them available free of charge.

5 Great News Feed Apps\Readers for Mobiles

A host of news feed apps are available both for IOS and Android. Whereas apps like Facebook Paper will stream both personal-social and general news content, most of the other apps like Pulse, AP Mobile, Digg and Simply, will syndicate general purpose news feeds.

1: Facebook Paper App – Social and General Content Feed

Facebook Paper app is much like Flipboard, and makes use of full screen display to present updated news from within social network friends and general content.

Using the Paper involves swiping to any direction to change items, and tilting the iPhone sideways in order to have full view of photos.

The app also makes it possible to customize news feeds from sources and pages of choice. The pages can include feeds from content sites you have liked in sports and general news, and should be a one stop source of your every day news needs.

The Paper can actually be used independently in place of the traditional Facebook app, and has the old Facebook features to like creating new posts.

The Paper app is a continued trend to highlight the importance of news feeds, and the intention by Facebook to continue making news feed the core of its app.

Unfortunately, the Paper app is available only for IOS, but should be available for Android in the coming months.

Facebook Paper app
Facebook Paper app

2: Pulse News Feed - All Round Content

Pulse feed app is from LinkedIn and also syndicates updated content from sources customized by you, the user.

Pulse news feed makes it possible for you to share your news content with social sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc.

User feeds can also be synchronized across platforms to Evernote and Instapaper, but this should be done via the LinkedIn account.

You can also log into Pulse using your Facebook account.

Popular content and publications that can be syndicated via Pulse range from Men's Health to Art and Food.

Pulse is available both for IOS and Android.

Pulse news feed app
Pulse news feed app

3: AP Mobile App - for Comprehensive News

If hard core news is for you, then AP from Associated Press is the app of choice. Associated Press has been around for a long time, and having specialized in delivering news that is up to date, it is no wonder that its news aggregation sources should be trusted.

It probably syndicates the most comprehensive and well researched political news from around the globe.

AP app contains Top News stories, U.S. News updates, Sports news, Showbiz, Small Business, World news, Wacky fun, Technology and Business etc.

AP news stories can also be saved to your mobile for future reading offline.

AP Mobile app is available for IOS and Android.

AP Mobile feed app
AP Mobile feed app

4: Digg App– Hot and Trendy News Feeds

Digg delivers hot news across the web and delivers them straight to you via its app. The birth of the new Digg was as a result of the death of Google’s own Reader.

Apart from the usual news syndication i.e. news feeds, sharing news topics and saving them for later reading, Digg

  • also streams video related feeds
  • allows you to follow particular writers, bloggers and publishers
  • has voice over support for the visually impaired

Digg app is available both for IOS and Android.

Digg feed is prides in video syndication
Digg feed is prides in video syndication

5: Simply App – Simple News Feed

As the name suggest, Simply app is simple and a fast to use app that aggregates all news you would probably ever need.

Simply boasts a simple to use interface that displays news in form of tiles. Reading the news feeds is equally simple, and you only flip forward and backward like a literal textbook, to move from one news item to the next.

Simply app is available both for IOS and Android.

Simply feed app tile interface
Simply feed app tile interface

Other IOS and Android News Feed Apps

Other equally popular news feed apps include:

  • Feedly
  • NBC
  • BBC
  • CNN
  • Reuters
  • Newscred
  • News 360
  • Flipboard
  • Newsstand


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