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Facebook Photo Uploader - How to upload more than five photos at once

Updated on August 7, 2010

Photo Guide with Screenshots

This was written and screenshots were taken on 14th July 2010. As you know, Facebook problems and issues arise all the time, and they change things frequently. Please be aware that things may have changed on the Facebook website from what is shown here. I hope this guide assists you.


  • Screenshots and instructions for uploading using the new uploader that uploads multiple images at once easily and fast.
  • Facebook Simple Uploader 5 photos maximum
  • Let your browser install the Facebook Plugin
  • Download the latest Java update
  • Try a Different Browser
  • Clear your browser cookies, cache, etc
  • Facebook removes "Skip Publishing" option
  • Facebook removes image thumbnail grid view when uploading photos
  • Leave Your Feedback

Getting ready to upload images

Create your album, name it, type in the location, description and also privacy settings. Once you click create, it takes you to the below screen.

Using the Facebook Photo Uploader and getting ready to upload
Using the Facebook Photo Uploader and getting ready to upload

As you can see above, there is a button to press called "Select Photos." Click and it will then pop up the window where you can select the folder location on your computer, as seen below.

To select individual images, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard as you click on each image name/number.

To select multiple images that all appear one after the other, click on the first image, then hold down the SHIFT key, then click on the last image you want selected.

Facebook Photo Uploader - how to select multiple images to upload at once
Facebook Photo Uploader - how to select multiple images to upload at once

As you can see above, I used a combination of SHIFT key and CTRL key. Once finished, click on "Open"

In the below image, you can then see the screen that it takes you to, which is almost identical to the one you began with. This time it gives you the option to "Select More Photos" and you can also see it says "15 images selected" to confirm what I selected in the previous step.

Now click on "Upload Photos"

Once you have clicked on upload, the next screen shows the progress bar. This will move along at different speeds depending on your internet connection speed, the load on the Facebook servers, and also the number of images you have. If you have very large sized images, just know that it may go slower too.

Facebook Photo Uploader July 2010 new changes
Facebook Photo Uploader July 2010 new changes

As with many things on the internet, especially those familiar with uploading videos to YouTube, the upload bar may freeze and not go anywhere after a while. You can choose to refresh the page and start over, or keep waiting and be patient. Maybe your internet connection dropped off for a little bit?

Facebook Simple Uploader 5 photos maximum

In the very first image, you could also see there was a small text link saying "Trouble Uploading Photos? Try the Simple Uploader."

The Simple Uploader has the option to only upload 5 images. Many people are having issues where none of the above screenshots are appearing for them, and instead the ONLY option that Facebook is giving to them is the Simple Uploader. This is causing many people anger as no one wants to upload 5 images individually to a Facebook photo album.

Facebook Simple Photo Uploader only uploads five images
Facebook Simple Photo Uploader only uploads five images

Below are some steps you can try instead of the Simple Uploader

The Facebook Plugin and Java are essential, you must have them. Try the below things to get your Facebook Photo Uploader to upload more than five images.

Let your browser install the Facebook Plugin

Sometimes when you go to upload photos, you will see a popup being blocked and an added shaded bar at the top of your browser. Be sure to click on it and let it run, as that is the Facebook Plugin.

Download the latest Java update

Go to and make sure the latest available release of Java is installed on your computer. Sometimes you notice at the bottom in your taskbar, that an update for Java is available to install. Keep up to date with these and install them when you see them, as many websites on the internet need it to be installed on your computer. If you find the Facebook photo uploader is not working, be sure to go to the Java website and click on Download and it will check your version and download any latest release.

Try a different browser

I mainly use Mozilla Firefox for my internet browsing. I find it is faster and doesn't hang like Internet Explorer does. Sometimes Facebook won't work in one browser, but then I switch and it loads immediately in the other. Instead of getting angry why something on Facebook isn't loading or functioning, I have the option to try it in another browser.

This has solved so many problems for me on many websites including Facebook, so I recommend you try so too. Sometimes it fixes it. Sometimes not. Great option to have though!

Clear your browser cookies, cache etc

It is good practice to regularly clear and delete your browser cookies, cache, history, etc. On many websites this has solved so many web page loading problems.

You restart and shut down your computer when it starts running slow. When you turn it back on or restart it, it goes back to working normally. Your web browser also needs a reset, so clear it out often.

Facebook removes "Skip Publishing" option

You will remember in the old Facebook Photo Uploader, that once finished uploading photos there was the box that would appear asking whether you wanted to "Publish Now" or "Skip and Publish Later."

At the time of writing this in July, that option was removed, and now the photos and album appear on your profile immediately.

What this does for most people, is remove the option to add captions, and reorder the photos. Now everyone who is on their Facebook home page at the time, will see your album immediately. I prefer the old option, as sometimes I may delete some images and want them rearranged and appear how I want them to, before others can view them.

Facebook removes image thumbnail grid view when uploading photos

Another thing that is different in the new Facebook photo uploader is that when you upload your images, there is no thumbnail view. So basically you can't see which good photos you are uploading, and which bad ones.

What you are going to have to do is create a new folder on your computer and copy and paste the photos into there. Then you can upload all the images in that folder, knowing that they are all good photos.

I don't think this is such a bad change for Facebook. We all know people who upload ALL their photos from their camera onto Facebook. Even the ones that are not flattering, are not focused, didn't turn out, etc. There is no point having them on Facebook, and at least now you have to pick and choose the images before uploading.

Really, this is not a bad thing.

I ALWAYS used to put my images in separate folders anyway, and would name the folder "Photos to upload to Facebook." I would then copy and paste the good photos I wanted into that folder. It was faster when it came to uploading, as I knew I could just select all the pictures in that folder without picking and choosing while in the old Facebook Photo Uploader gridview.

Leave your Feedback

If you have read through and tried all of the above and the new Facebook Photo Uploader is still not working, be sure to comment, and maybe others will find this article on the internet and assist you. If you have tried absolutely every single step in this guide, there is no reason why it won't work. At that stage, you can then go on to lodge a support ticket to Facebook.

I have seen many application developers spam Facebook's help discussion forums with links to their own photo uploading applications. I don't think it is necessary to use these when the Facebook one works fine. If there are bugs with it, Facebook will be working on fixing them. For this reason, and also because you never know what these external appliation developers can do with your photos, I will delete any spam comments supporting those non-Facebook photo tools.


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      4 years ago

      Hello, I desire to subscribe for this blog to obtain most recent updates, thus where can i do it please help. dfegdkddfdkc

    • profile image

      Igwe Emilian Ukamaka 

      6 years ago

      i upload only 1 pics after i can't upload already

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      this did not help me, at all!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i upload only 1 pics after i can't uplaod already

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This doesn't help me. FaceBook doesn't look like this anymore. THey use that Dumb Timeline crap!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My computer keeps freezing after i select the photos and hit okay. when i go to click upload photos it just wont let me and shuts down the window


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