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Facebook Relationship Status

Updated on March 11, 2012

Facebook Relationships

It has been discussed many times in the past that Facebook causes many social problems and today I wanted to emphasize the Facebook Relationship Status and how it is a major contributor to envy and vanity on Facebook.

We all enjoy Facebook because we can keep up to date with what our friends are saying and we can conveniently send quick messages to them, but I'm sure most people can see that it has become an obvious popularity contest among some people who have too much time on their hands.

Facebook Relationship Status Change

If someone you thought was your friend has abandoned you or is ignoring you on Facebook, fortunately there is a way to fight back! I recently discovered on that there are people offering gigs that state 'I will be your Girlfriend on Facebook and Flirt with you for $5'.

Although a lot of people may think this is going too far, bullying on Facebook can be quite frustrating and it is just a fun way of getting your own back! The idea is too make that 'player' or person you liked jealous and recognize they shouldn't have neglected you.

Facebook Ruins Relationships?

Some people think Facebook ruins relationships because you can often see messages from your partners friends of the opposite gender on their wall but this should not make a person jealous if they have trust in that person.

The great thing about purchasing one of these gigs to have a girlfriend/boyfriend for a week is that this person will accept your relationship request and their name will be displayed next to your own relationship status.

You should be careful to choose a genuine gig where the 'Pretend Partner' has a real profile and they should display this in the gig. A real profile will have lots of photos and friends and be based in your own country.

The gig is not limited to just girlfriends! you can also choose a pretend boyfriend if you want to make a guy want you back. With these gigs you aren't spending a large amount of money so if it doesn't work, you still had fun and at little expense!

The best gigs will have lots of positive reviews where the fake relationship has worked and given people a revenge by annoying the person who used them, you should sometimes have to wait 5-10 days for these since a genuine profile might be busy posting messages for another gig.


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