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Facebook Spy & Private Profile Viewer

Updated on May 11, 2011

Spy on Facebook

Ok, so tonight I typed my Facebook login and entered to see if anything exciting had occurred on my notifications, I am not an obsessive profile viewer but I like to have a nose when I'm drained from work. I am not concerned with updating my status constantly because I think 'who has time to read all this trivial news?', I upload the occasional photos when a good event has taken place just so that people can see I'm living my life!

Don't get me wrong about the latter statement because I do like to post links to my online publishing there but this is different because it actually has content,  here I wanted to talk about your average 'Facebook profile spy' who likes to read the gossip and scroll down to your older posts to try and dig up dirt.

Photo courtesy of globalx

Facebook Tracker

Some people have even tried to profile snitch on those viewing others by creating software to keep a record of IP addresses, an example of this was a good program called '' which I used to use until it mysteriously shut down. Many programmers have tried in vain to produce a Facebook tracker that logs the profile viewer, Facebook expresses clearly in its privacy settings that they have blocked anyway for this to be achieved.

The difference between Myspace was that it allowed you to insert a snippet of HTML code that relayed the visitors IP address back to the log in a similar way that Google Analytic s records traffic to websites.

I only used 'Myspacelog' to spy on a girl who I knew was stalking me, I really liked her but she liked to play mind games such as giving me prank phone calls so I felt it was my right to know I was being watched.

Photo courtesy of mikekline

Is this your snooping hand?
Is this your snooping hand?

Private Facebook Profile Viewer

I think the question should be not whether Facebook profile viewer software should be available but how often you should be using this sort of program? It is not healthy to become obsessed with whether a guy or girl is checking you out, if they liked you enough then they would speak to you directly, not stalk you and play hard to get!

Photo courtesy of El_Itur

Facebook Login and Places

The latest application for your Facebook login includes 'Places' which allows you to update where you are on the map, for example you could be out in your friends car visiting McDonalds for a cheese burger and it will display a Mickey D's logo on your wall. However this app is only available on smartphones but can be a real pain when that person you were avoiding pulls up alongside you in the car park because they had seen your status!

On that note I would like to end the article by stating the question, 'Is to too much exposure allowing people to view a private profile a good thing for any of us?'

Photo courtesy of dave_fisher


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