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Facebook- The most popular Social Networking App

Updated on September 15, 2017

Facebook doesn't need any introduction. Whether we talk of a child or an old man, each and every person knows what is Facebook! Everyone knows that Facebook is a free social networking app that allows registered users to create a profile, upload photos, videos, send messages etc. to keep connected to their friends, family, and colleagues.

The things which people usually don't know about Facebook is that it was launched in February 2004.Facebook is owned and operated by the company named Facebook Inc. and has one billion active users. There is no age limit to use facebook that's why from a child to an old person everyone is using Facebook daily. Most of its user use Facebook on the mobile device to be a frequent and active user.

Everyone is so habitual to Facebook that after every 2-3 minutes they are checking notifications, messages and news feed also. Due to this frequency of using Facebook, Facebook Inc. goes on changing Facebook and modifying new features to attract people more.

The Facebook which is available in 37 different languages in all over the world includes many different features. Let's go through some important features to know Facebook better.

Cover Feed For Latest Posts

As we tap the facebook app, we are directed to the home page of the facebook where we get post updates from our friends. The cover feed shows all the updates from friends like photos, videos, status update, relationship update, check-in of places they visit and much more. On these updates, you can show your emotions with different emojis like sad, love, happy, thumbs up, anger etc. You can comment and also can share these posts to another friend or on your own profile.

Facebook as a Business place

More than just a meeting place for friends, Facebook has grown into a place for business where you can get maximum people for interaction and also can self-promote your business without any cost. Marketing through Facebook advertisement is most highly targeted. You can target your audience by location, age, gender, interests and other factors by custom audience feature of Facebook.

Facebook is a free marketing tool to promote any kind of business. You can promote your products or services to the audience via images, videos, gifs etc. to better explain your product. You can connect with people and sell your product or services from one place of the country or world to other.

Business through Facebook Advertisements

Facebook offers its own form of advertising with Facebook ads, which can be seen on the side columns of the Facebook site. These classic advertisements are known to be more specific as Marketplace Ads. These ads include a headline with an image and a click-through link which redirects you to the new Facebook page or to the website offering the ads. This is also one of the tacts of marketing through Facebook.

Facebook as Event Manager

Facebook also allows its user to create Event to invite audience and it also works as a promotion for the event. You can fill as many important details required like photos, date, time and important highlights of the event to attract people to the event. Once the event page is up and running, you can switch to promotion mode. Invite your followers to attend the event and encourage them to invite their friends too. You can also share it with your twitter, Instagram and Pinterest followers.

Facebook- A Promotional Page Creator

Facebook has become a God father for many talented people to explore their talent and get fame in very less time. Now, when there is competition all around, to make your talent identified is a difficult task. But Facebook helps to make it easy. Just make a page on Facebook specifying your talent and then post photos, videos and much more for your audience to see your talent. You can then share this page on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your page. Also, you can share your youtube links to make your followers to know you much better.

Facebook Chats Head and Messenger

Now, when WhatsApp has come into the picture and has taken the place of every messenger app, Facebook chat has been ignored by people. Now, Facebook has launched its messenger app which works like WhatsApp with more advanced features. Facebook messenger app can be used while engaged on other phone apps.

You can keep on chatting on Facebook messenger without disturbing your affecting other activity you are busy with. A pop-up on phone screen appears when you get a message on messenger which is circular having a profile picture of the sender, this is chat head. And by simply clicking on the chat head you can see the message and reply instantly. Also, you can chat with more than one friend or in a group by putting chat heads on the top bar of the messenger.


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