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Facebook: Things You Post That You Think People Care About – But Don't

Updated on October 14, 2014

Facebook has been popular for a while now, and has been ever-evolving, allowing you to post more information about yourself and find out more about the people on your friends list than ever before. Long gone are the days where Facebook was simply statuses, comments, pokes, and “writing on walls”. It now has live chat, video or voice calling, cover-photos, and the easily accessible Timeline that chronicles your history of everything you ever posted since you joined the site. Basically everything you do, people can see (unless of course, like me, you strongly monitor your privacy settings).

While Facebook gives you the option to basically keep your friends, family, co-workers and whomever else you add, updated to-the-minute of what's going on in your life – there's the question: Should you?

Simple answer: no. Although you may care, a lot of the things you may be posting on Facebook... surprise... no one else does. There's a thing called privacy, and you should value it.

Here are some things I commonly see on my news feed that often makes me want to smack the person who posted it.


Announcing your one year anniversary, engagement or changing your relationship status is one thing, but constantly writing on your significant other's timeline or commenting on their status or making your own containing mushy “I love yous”, “You're so amazings” and other cliché, romanticized, sappy bullsh*t....guess what? No one cares. Get off Facebook and tell your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/whatever in person. Call them. Text them. Private message them!

As for the pictures of you and your partner making out with your tongues down each other's throats? No one, and I mean no one, wants to see it. Just don't.

If you need to feel good about the relationship you're in based on how many likes you get on your statuses or photos about you and your partner, you need to wake up. The people who post this kind of stuff are the same ones that post later complaining about how people are gossiping about their love life. Maybe if you weren't constantly talking about it, there wouldn't be gossip! Imagine!

The best relationships thrive when your personal business isn't splashed all over the internet. I personally have my relationship status declaring who I'm with and that is it. There isn't even a date for when we got together. My boyfriend and I rarely even speak on Facebook, let alone write on each other's timelines – and guess what? We don't have anyone nosing about in our business because literally aside from a few pictures together and the confirmation that we're in a relationship, there's nothing to go on.

The days of writing sappy statuses may have been alright when we were on Facebook as teenagers in middle school. Let it die there. Keep your romance at a minimum, unless it's important announcements, such as anniversaries, engagements, weddings, etc.

Indirect Yet Direct Rants At Someone You're Upset With

Not only is it annoying and solves nothing except for maybe creating more drama, these kind of posts just simply tell everyone that in the heat of the moment you can't control yourself and would rather rant to the world what someone did to make you angry and that you lack the backbone and maturity level to confront them instead and work it out. Grow up - keep the drama off Facebook. It isn't doing you or the person you're upset with any good.

Sad/Emotional/Depressed Declarations

I used to see these posts a lot, but as the people on my friends list have matured, they've died down significantly. You're sad? You're depressed? Talk to a friend. Call your mom. Go pat your cat. Don't post it as a status. You come off as wanting attention. Especially if people actually bother to ask you what's wrong and you respond with “Nothing”. Ugh. Just stop.

Countless Baby-Belly / Newborn Baby Pictures

Okay, we get it. You're pregnant. We knew that ten statuses ago when you announced it and based off the fact that your timeline is filled with people congratulating you. A couple pictures of your pregnant belly is fine – but whole entire albums? If people really want to see you when you're pregnant, get them to visit. Same goes for when you have the baby. A few pictures sure. Better yet, get them professionally done. This trend seems to be more popular with younger moms. You may care that your baby just sucked his thumb, but the majority of your friends list probably don't care, nor want to see 20 pictures of it from different angles.

Try appreciating your baby through something other than a camera lens. They grow up quick. Just a thought.

Check Out My Gains Bro!

Most of us out there do some form of exercise, and enjoy it. Some of us may have bigger goals than others, whether it be weight loss or muscle gain. But if you're constantly bragging about your deadlifts or posting pictures of yourself flexing in a wife-beater at the gym, you kinda come off as self-obsessed.Keep it simple with a before and after shot, perhaps a few in-between. Otherwise, get off your phone and work out already.

What You're Eating For Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Yup, that's nice you made steak and potatoes and that it tastes “yummy”. You probably posted a picture of it on Instagram too. Don't care. Scrolling on.

Sharing 25 Photos In a Row

Finding a couple photos from your favourite page funny and deciding to share them with your friends is fine. Going through an album and sharing every single photo that made you so much as smirk, please don't. For people that don't share your sense of humour, it's 25 posts in a row that are annoying. And to people who do share your sense of humour, after the 5th post, it still gets annoying.

Sloppy Drunk Photos You Posted From Your Phone (While Drunk)

These are common, especially if you're in your twenties. Most likely, the majority of your peers enjoy their fair bit of partying. Sure, that picture of you sloppily kissing your best friend on the cheek while she holds her glass of vodka-cran high above your heads screaming may have looked ah-mazing to your drunk perspective, but the next morning you should probably review what you posted to Facebook. Same goes for pics of your girlfriends grinding up against random guys, trashed bathroom selfies, your friend passed out in a chair, or you hugging your bottle of wine and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Yeah they're proof of fun nights and provide you with memories that your drunk self probably doesn't recall, but keep em off Facebook. You don't want to give your grandmother a stroke when she sees a picture of you loaded groping some random's ass. Come on now.

Entire Albums of Selfies

You know the kind. People, mostly of the female variety, devote entire albums or posts to 5-10 different pictures of themselves, or they have their instagram account attached to their Facebook. All you see is duck faces, pouts, big (clearly fake) smiles, usually with some sort of filter that makes them look more orange, blue, or some other clearly not normal colour. Taking one nice selfie for your display picture, or to show off a new hair color or something, yeah. But entire albums? You come off as attention-needy and self-obsessed, neither of which are attractive qualities to your Facebook friends.

Going hand in hand with the selfie spams, we also have:

Photos That Scream "I Want Attention"

This girl posting a picture of her in a dress, with the caption "Do you like it?" or "Does this make me look fat?". I've even seen pictures where they look sad and the caption is "I feel so ugly". Like, come on!!! I don't even really need to elaborate. These warrant a head-shake and maybe even a move to "hide this post".

Advertising that "Amazing, Life-Changing" Online Sketchy Company You're A Part Of

Everyone must have dealt with at least one friend (or idiot) that got roped into becoming a slave for some sketchy health-and-wellness, feel-good, (bullshit) company that no one has ever heard of before. They post pictures or statuses of themselves claiming to be miraculously changed by this product they're selling and try to get everyone in on it too. It's only a money-making scam. When you click on the link or Google the apparent company they're a part of - not only at first glance do you realize that it's something you've never heard of before, they also don't tell you specifically what they do, how much you make, or what you have to do when you join their company. If it's not a scam, it's likely not worth your time. Your silly friend /slave to the company is constantly making statuses like "I have no issues in my life anymore, and I love everything. Want to be like me? Message me and join our team". Yeah, shut up. Anyone with half a brain can see it's a joke. Moving on.

Think Before You Post

Just do it. Whether it's a status ranting about someone or the fifteenth picture of you and your boyfriend, just think. You may spare your friends from an annoying post that they don't care about – and as far as posting it on Facebook goes, neither should you.

Do you find there are posts like these on your Facebook?

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    • xmags profile image


      4 years ago from Philippines

      A lot of this on my feed! Especially the passive-aggressive rants. LOL. People, it's too much drama, please! Although I'm guilty of the food posting. I recently learned how to cook. Heh. :P


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