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Facebook Timeline Cover

Updated on July 19, 2013
Facebook timeline cover
Facebook timeline cover

Facebook Timeline Cover Introduction:

Facebook, a name that has became important part of millions life. Even a child can describe Facebook because it is so popular among the people of all age groups and all around the world. In a single line Facebook can be defined as “A social networking site connecting millions of people together”. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 and has more than 900 million active users today. To keep people interested in the site, Mark introduced several changes after every short span of time. But, as soon the Google+ started gaining the popularity and giving a tough competition to Facebook, Mark declared in December 2011 that look of the users Facebook page will be changed. People were much excited hearing that Facebook will now bear new look. Users waited for around 3 months for the new look of the FB and on March 31st 2012, FB came with the Facebook Timeline Cover. People and users loved the change and accepted Facebook cover design positively. But, still several users stick to the older version of the Facebook because they do not know how to get on the Facebook timeline cover and how to use it?

What is Facebook Cover Design?

Facebook Cover design is the new look of the users profile, introduced by the FB to make the welcome page of the users, more stylish and attractive. It is a fact that many people found it complicated to use the new cover page because it is actually more complex to use the new profile page than the previous one. But, once you get knowledge on the use of cover page properly, you will become friendly with the page soon. So, here is some key information that will help you in gaining the information about the new Facebook Cover.

Profile Picture

In the older version of Facebook, the size of the profile picture was limited. People were quite disappointed by the limited size of the profile image because they were unable to upload a big picture in its original size. So, to overcome the limitation of the size of the profile picture, FB brought changes and introduced cover photo, on which users can upload a big picture and even the small picture can be seen big with more clarity. The large image of the users on the profile page makes the page more fascinating and attractive. You can even change the cover photo by clicking on the change cover tab, available on the down right side of your cover photo.

Personal information

Below the cover page, you can have a look over your personal information including- work, education, hometown and others. You can change the information or can put new details by clicking on update tab. In the older version of FB profile page, you have to move to separate page to update different sort of information, but in the new cover page, you can change the entire details on a single page, in which all the options are available and you can edit them as per your wish. In addition, you can also view your friend list, uploaded photos and other applications, like maps and games. You can even edit your friend list by clicking on the same tab and you can remove or block the unwanted members from the list.

Activity Log

By clicking on this tab, you can see all your updates, tags, photos and everything since you joined Facebook. When you will click on the tab you will be directed to other page, from where you can retrieve the information year and month wise.
The above mentioned information will help you to know more about the new design of the Facebook Cover.

facebook timeline cover templates
facebook timeline cover templates


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    • Iolani profile image

      Iolani 5 years ago from USA

      Yes, fb has become a huge promoter for products and big marketing house.

    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 5 years ago from Canada

      Excellent hub. This makeover by FB is due, I am sure, to the fact that many marketers are now using FB to promote their products, services, etc, hence social media campaigns and need a more professional brand recognition cover.