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Facebook Uses Your Posts for Sponsored Stories

Updated on January 25, 2011

Facebook has now launched "Sponsored Stories" ads, which allows companies, like Coca Cola and Levi's, to use messages from their "like" users for paid promotions via your news feed.

Ads will be sold on impression or per-click basis. When a Sponsored Story is available, the ad will be shown as a banner-type ad or video clip.

There are 4 types of Sponsored Stories available:

1. Like Stories - when users choose to like a brand

2. Page Post Stories - for wall posts

3. App Stories - available between app users, like games

4. Check-in Stories - used with the Facebook Places app

Sponsored Stories can only be targeted to users who have allowed people in their Facebook privacy settings. If a user has wall posts available to "Only Friends", then friends who regularly see your news feed will see the Sponsored Stories. The ads are only visible when they are related to a news feed item. However, there is no opt-out option for Sponsored Stories. Some users may not want their posts turned into ads, so protests are expected for this new advertising strategy.

Facebook is excited about the opportunity for marketing potential for companies who use the service. Advertisers can still use Facebook’s demographic targeting parameters to refine who sees an ad. By linking Sponsored Stories to your posts, it creates an advertising opportunity unlike any other. Sponsored Stories will allow advertisers to harness social-networking behavior and turn it into profit.

Watch the introduction video here.

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