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What you should do and what shouldn't in Facebook

Updated on November 14, 2012

We all know that Facebook is one of the largest and fastest growing social networking sites. We use Facebook for communicating with our friends and families. We keep contacts with our nearest and dearest ones. It is not unknown to us that many people make fake profiles, upload bad or nude photos and deceive people. It is a very bad thing to do! Why will you do these types of things. We know that science, internet, web and technology have both blessings and curses. So we should utilize the blessings of this amazing things. And it is also our duty to keep our social life clean (whether it is virtual or real, it doesn't matter). In this new age Facebook has become a part and parcel of our social life. This virtual social life of our's has become very significant. These days it has become as significant as our real social life. I am saying so because I see a lot of relationships are growing through Facebook. This are real and very serious issues. So why make this excellent place dirty? In this article I would talk about some decencies that are to be maintained while running a Facebook profile.

Some Facebook do's

  • Always use your real picture in Facebook profile and cover photo section. You should upload your actual photographs in Facebook profiles. If you are trying to make an affair using edited and fake photos that won't give you any benefit in the long run. And if you upload your real photo than people from your surroundings will find you easily. You will make more real friends. The communication with your family living abroad will be much more easier. Don't use those abstract backgrounds as your pp.
  • You may get fake friend's request in FB. These days, getting requests from fake profiles has become very frequent. If you get any new friend request then check their profile. If the profile picture doesn't represent the person then try to find the real photos in the photo albums (if visible). Look for mutual friends. Ask you mutual friends about that profile. If you find the profile really fake, then report the profile.
  • Try to use proper privacy settings for your profile. Give enough emphasis on your photo album's privacy. There are many bad people in there who can make bad use of your photos. So be aware of the privacy issues. You can use custom privacy settings in your profile update, status and photos. If you have groups then check the group's settings.
  • Create different chat lists. Make separate lists for family and friends. These are not be mixed because they have different attitudes.
  • If someone is sending you friend requests and embarrassing messages then report that profile. If you are a girl then the problems are really intense. If the requests are irritating then report and block that person.

Some Facebook Don'ts

  • You Facebook profile can be hacked if you leave your profile without logging out. Never leave your Facebook profile like this. It can cause a great harm if your profile gets into the hands of any evil brain.
  • We use Facebook for communication not for spamming. So don't upload things of your interest in the fan pages or groups. This make you a spammer. If you are trying to promote your product and your site then you should do the promotions in your own wall. If you share these things in any groups and fan pages then they can ban you. This also makes you look like an idiot.
  • Don't use Facebook for hurting people. If you are trying to harm people by making fake profiles or doing other humiliating things then you will be responsible for making the Facebook a dirty place.


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