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Facebook for Android Phones

Updated on May 11, 2011

My Joy at the Facebook App for Android!

I decided since buying my new Samsung Galaxy Europa last weekend that I wanted to publish a hub stating my joy with the Facebook for Android capabilities, I haven't experienced this luxury before and had an out-dated phone.

I am sure many other people have outdated phones, some that aren't even Android phones so I thought I would find photos of how my phone appears. I have even included a video at the end of the article which goes into the technical features such as what is the latest version of Android.

For those who don't know, Android is the mobile phone technology that allows you to download applications for ease of use with interactive websites. On my Samsung Galaxy Europa there is an Android market that lists all of the updates you can download, some which are free and some which you have to pay for.

The thing I mostly enjoyed about the Facebook Android app was that the newest layout for accessing the login page comes in the form of what is called a 'Facebook Android widget'. The widget has neatly arranged icons for efficiently surfing via touch screen to those things that you most desire to keep informed about such as 'friend requests' 'messages' and 'statuses'.

Facebook Places Android

You have no need to panic, the Facebook for Android download is free and so is the Twitter Android app but if you are an online publisher like me you probably won't be concerned about downloading of trivial games but more interested in the internet capabilities.

Unfortunately I could not find a Hubpages Android app and as you probably already know from the tool-bar above there is a iPhone app for Hubbers. Don't fear, you can still write when you are on the go because there is a Blogger Android app which is totally free to download!

I couldn't believe the swiftness of the touch screen on my Samsung Galaxy, everything on the Facebook wall you can see above was easy to select and anything you cannot see properly can be prompted using the zoom tool. I think the fact that there is less clutter also combines with the touch feature, so hats off to the designers for innovative design.

Photo courtesy of laihiu

Primitive Samsung SGH 600
Primitive Samsung SGH 600

Difference between Android and Regular Phones

Before I purchased my new Android phone I owned a primitive Samsung SGH 600, a phone that was released in 1999, mobile phone capability changes drastically every 2 years and as a internet marketer I will now need to keep upto date.

I previously liked to access Google Adsense and Facebook while I was out and about but soon realised that my pages began to load very slowly and the quality of the text was pixelated. It was a 3G phone so I couldn't understand what the problem was until I was informed that you also need a 3G simcard.

With the Samsung Galaxy Android I am now upgraded to 3.5G and the latest speed requirement for 4G service set the maximum download speed at 100 Mbit/s for high mobility communication. (for example on trains and in cars) 4G stands for 4th generation of wireless cellular standards.

Twitter for Android

As you can see in the above photograph, Twitter for Android appears in a very similar fashion to the Facebook app, although it has a more stylized imagery of course. Twitter is not quite as popular for communicating with your friends but very useful for online marketers.

It plays a major part in my everyday activities, it is very efficient for me to post tweets whilst I am out during the daytime to ensure my webpages appear active to search engines.


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