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Facebook for child

Updated on June 16, 2012

Child Activity in Facebook

Social Media Networking site, Facebook has planned to change in its policy and now is ready to implement a new change. After the change, the child will be allowed to join the Facebook and connect to the world. After the enforcement of the new rule, the child below the age of 13 years will also be eligible to legally join Facebook. It may be noted that currently, the child below 13 years of the age are not allowed to join Facebook as per their terms and condition. Facebook is going to make this change in its site by taking mainly three factors in consideration and all these factors are basically related to an increase their revenue. The first factor is that this will attract more traffic on the Facebook. Secondly, an increase in traffic will attract its revenue. By attracting more visitors for the site, advertisers at Facebook will get more visits for their ads and thus they will pay more to the Facebook. The 3rd reason behind it is that when child will join the site they will definitely use different gadgets, play online games and work with other entertaining programs available at Facebook. For the use of these items/programs, parents/guardians may have been charged the specified fees.

Facebook want to add child in his user list and expect their participation more and more. This expectation is not counted only for present scenario but also taking consideration for its future prospects. In future these child will grow up and will to be youth, they will be better targeted group for its advertisers.

The expert have different views on this issue and tells the advantage as well as disadvantage but most of the expert have welcomed this step. This is the fact that today also there are many child below 13 years of ages have their account in different social media networking site and with Facebook also. They have joined such sites by providing false information about them else they will not be able to join the site. This tenancy of child definitely not good for the child and so, this step of Facebook is welcomed by most of the experts.

There are some rules and nature of account for child willing to join Facebook, which will be as following-

  • The account will be operated with the help of their "Guardians". This will be possible by interconnecting parents account with their child's account. In this way parents may know the activity of their children.
  • The profile of such account will be set "Friends Only" as default .
  • Guardians also have to decide to whom his child will invite for friend.
  • The child may have restriction to visit some specific pages.
  • Strange peoples will not be allowed to see the "Post" of the child.


  1. The children will get the legal right to join the Facebook. Currently, most of the child are joining Facebook with a fake information. This will help to prevent our child from making such a habit of deception.
  2. The child may be in touch of the different type of peoples and get different ideas. So, their creativity may increased.
  3. Without visiting to the friends physically, they may make a plan as well as decide the venue to meet in vacation.
  4. The children will be in touch with their friends regularly without visiting at their doorstep. This will give them relax from seeking a spare time to meet with the friend and then laziness for the implementation of it. Thus, their mind will be free from such worthless thinking and get rest.
  5. They will get different ideas which may develop their mind. This will help them to take strong decision in future at any odd situation arises.
  6. The confidence level of the children may increase and they will work independently in future without any hesitation as well as without any mistake.


  1. It may affect the study of school going child.
  2. Child may be under tension and may get in depression due different reason.
  3. Will be in the hit list of the network of advertisers and advertisers may target easily to them.
  4. Will be away from playing with friends at play grounds and will live in an imaginary world.
  5. Physical growth will be affected due to involvement in the on-line games.
  6. Their social behavior may be disturb.

Currently, many changes has been observed in the behavior of teenagers who using social media networking sites. They are away from the physical, social and fitness and getting affected with many types of deceases just because of the regular. Continue living with the computer always affects our physical structure. Although, there are some benefits also but child sometimes may show a non-social behavior.


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