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Facebook groups or Facebook pages ? Difference between Facebook groups and pages

Updated on November 18, 2012
Difference between Facebook groups and pages
Difference between Facebook groups and pages

Never neglect the importance of Facebook appearance for a blog or brand. Most of the times you have to depend on search engines for traffic and sales. But if you make the proper use of this largest social networking community you will be able to promote your blogs which may in turn decrease your dependence on search engines. And Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups are the most powerful tools in this regard.

What are Facebook pages and groups?

You have both the options ‘pages’ and ‘groups’. They can be proved very advantageous and at times they have demerits also.

Let’s talk about Facebook pages. Most of the time bloggers create a page to inform you that they have a blog and updates in that page are from that blog (almost 90% updates). But I think Facebook page is unable to create the desired communication between the blogger and the fans. If you are talking about getting a big community that follows you, then FB pages are not that preferable. Here we see one to many communications. So if one of your fans is looking forward to finding a solution to his/her problems, they will not get the proper response.

If you are trying to build a blog community then the one man show will not work. You will get it when your readers are able to interact with each other. And Facebook groups are a perfect platform where a discussion gets a lot of importance. It’s a place where people of similar concern can share their views and thoughts. Pages only give updates nothing else (in my opinion) but groups are far more interactive and effective. So if you are looking for an interactive environment then group is perfect for you.

Difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook groups:

The main purpose and desired results

If you are looking to promote a particular person or brand then pages are cool. They stick to one task and that is promoting specific brand. So considering this, a Facebook fan page is must for every blog. (I am talking about blogs because I love to blog). It is a great self-promotion tool. Facebook groups are an extra option to make your social marketing enhanced; Groups can take your brand to a next level. Both pages and groups have their distinctive features. Pages give you the opportunity of advertising and making money.

Learn: How to make money from Facebook pages.

The limitations

The pages have the option of making public or admin only. No permission is needed to join a page. On the other hand group joining needs permission from the admins. The other members can add a new member in the groups. The group status can be public, closed or secret.

Chat option

Facebook page doesn’t have the option of chat. But the FB groups give you opportunity to chat with other members. They can get themselves involved in the group chat. Well, that’s a great way to communicate.

Controlling fans or members

Anyone can search pages and like them. Liking is joining in a Facebook page. (Unless it is set to admin only). The page admin have the power to ban or delete members. I already told that in a group one member can add another member. This phenomenon can make your group out of control. But like pages, admin can ban or delete members. Pages and groups both have the opportunity to offer the role of moderator. Moderators can be proved very useful helping hand for the admin. These days we see pages and groups both have the benefit of adding cover photos.


There is no opportunity of tabs or applications in groups. That means no completion or way of having completion or welcome pages in a group. But you have the option of sharing documents in a group.


The posts made in the group are shown in the profile notifications. By this feature members don’t miss any posts by other members. Sometimes it can be annoying for the members if a lot of posts are made. This will make them turn off the notifications from the group. So sometimes it can be proved harmful because you are losing some members. On the other hand the pages don’t show notifications on the profile. You have to get in to the page admin panel to get the new updates from the pages. But there is an option by which you will be able to get page updates in your profile notification. This is called Onsite notification of pages.

So in summary we can say that Facebook pages play a great role in promoting the brand. It is a great tool for marketing. Groups will give you the opportunity of creating a discussion forum by which you will help your readers and also your brand without spending any money. So good luck with these two tools.


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      tanjilovi 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thanks .

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      Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago

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      Anyway keep up the good work with these hubs.

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      tanjilovi 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thanks . Yeah I am in Dhaka. Life is busy as usual. How are you? And where you are living at this moment ?

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      Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago

      Very useful hub, thank you for sharing. How is life in Bangladesh? Are in Dhaka?