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Facebook iPad Contest Mix-up In Columbus

Updated on April 22, 2011

4/22/11 - Columbus, Ohio - Everybody wants something for free. Better still, everybody dreams of winning a contest, no matter how big or small the prize. A tiny portion of the United States has won the mega jackpot in a state lottery. In fact, it’s thrilling enough to win a door prize at a bridal shower! Yes, it is safe to say that we all want to be winners.

So, as I was relaxing and watching my Friday soap opera (All My Children ), I couldn’t help but join in the party and jump on the contest band wagon. A scrolling line of text running across the bottom of the TV screen announced its Friday evening contest, which happened to be winning the newest version of the Apple iPad, retailing for $499.99. Not a bad prize. The way to enter was by clicking the “Like” button on its Facebook page and then following the contest instructions from there. However, this proved a daunting effort to some of the hopeful contest entrants.

So, like the several hundred before me, I logged onto Facebook and ran a search for my local news station, typing in “ABC 6 News”. From there, I saw a stream of Facebook fans pleading for an Apple iPad, making their claims as to how it would better their lives: how an iPad would be beneficial to their school studies, earn a mother brownie points as a wedding gift, ect. The comments and pleas ran the length of the page. However, not far down the postings and mixed in with those of the Facebook fans who were spilling their guts for the newest electronic gadget, I saw a post pointing out that this was, in fact, not the correct Facebook page for which fans could win a much-desired iPad. In fact, this was the Facebook page for the ABC 6 local news station in Providence, Rhode Island! What was worse yet, poor souls from Rhode Island and Columbus, Ohio were finding they had to constantly post on the Rhode Island page that this was not the iPad giveaway Facebook page. The nice people in Providence additionally posted many times the correct Columbus, Ohio Facebook link, which would steer the confused parties to the correct iPad giveaway page.


I am happy to report I successfully made it to the Columbus, Ohio news station Facebook page and signed up for a chance to win an Apple iPad. Sadly, after I entered, it appeared there were still confused Facebook people on the correct page asking how to enroll in the contest. Therefore, to stop the Facebook ABC 6 News madness, I have listed below step-by-step instructions as to how to accomplish this contest signup for those living in the Columbus, Ohio area that enjoy watching WSYX ABC 6 Columbus. Good luck to the lucky soul who wins the iPad. And guess what? The contest runs until next Friday, April 29, 2011. I’ll apologize on behalf of Columbus to Providence ahead of time.

Enter To Win An Apple iPad!

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • In the top search bar, type “WSYX ABC 6”. Ensure the “Local Business” name below reads, “Columbus, Ohio”.
  • Click the “Like” button.
  • Look at the left column of the Facebook page under the ABC 6 profile picture, and click on the “Win an Ipad!” link.
  • This will change the main Facebook page to a gigantic “Win an iPad, Click here!” picture. Click on it.
  • This page will change again and now be a contest entry form. Fill this out completely and hit the “Submit” button.

Guess what? You are now entered into the contest. If you win, you can thank me by sending me the iPad you just won!


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