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Facebook of Business - Business Networking

Updated on May 20, 2011

Social Networking Sites

My regular readers will be familiar with my Facebook hubs by now and probably tired of them but it is a favourite subject for me because each one is a unique by offering services and advice on how to make the most of the world's largest social network.

So far I have offered Free Facebook Profile Banners, How to Phone Facebook,Fake Facebook Websites and reviewed the supposed Facebook 2 follow up site but today I wanted to expand on how to further business ideas through Facebook or similar social networks that are designed specifically for marketers.

As you are probably an entrepreneur or marketer visiting this page you are probably fully aware of the self help books that have been published to explain how to create a Facebook business page or how to use Facebook Ads to advertise your services but you are probably more interested in generating a buzz on your pages or keeping costs low on Cost Per Click advertising programs.

Photo courtesy of smemon

Networking Sites

The truth is that you no longer have to limit yourself to Facebook in business because other websites are sprouting up to cater for marketers needs but have the same qualities that establish personal relationships with clients but cut out all of the irrelevant social media apps that were originally designed for Harvard college friends to impress their classmates.

One thing I learned about Facebook in business when I was working at a property solutions agency is that the head marketer had to filter out advertisements that didn't relate to the businesses needs and also delete friend requests from people who judging from their picture, had hidden agenda's other than enquiring about the services.

Photo courtesy of cambodia4kidsorg

Social Networks for Business

I was going to give a big list of sites similar to Facebook for business but then I thought 'I don't want to advertise the competition'. However I will mention a few so that you can get a comparison between the different features offered on each and I will start with re-emphasising what has been stated in the Youtube video below about 'Linked In' not offering close contact between clients where as Facebook offers the chat function and wall posts as an informal method of informing them about your updates.

Swom is another website I have talked about and it did have great ways to engage with other marketers but a lot of the features involved paying a monthly subscription. Their website was also more geared towards affiliate marketers who looked to generate revenue through gaining sign ups rather than expressing personal business ventures and selling ideas.

Cofounr is another user friendly platform that has branded itself with a similar colour scheme and homepage identity as Facebook by including a map of the globe to suggest keeping contacts efficiently through the web. Design flaws I found with the Cofoundr social media marketing website where that it didn't stand out as exciting and different in its image, everything is fairly plain once you log in and no logos to suggest that messages are being exchanged.

Photo courtesy of pandemia

Facebook and Business

Lastly I just wanted to display the picture above that I found on Flickr because it really does encapsulate how social media is in the forefront of selling your business, we all saw a similar phenomenon when bands jumped on the Myspace wagon by displaying their Myspace address at the bottom of promotional posters.

Facebook and business operate hand in hand at this current phase in the online generation and it will be a long time before any body can compete for the audience that it owns, but as I have explained in this article that the network for business is evolving. Prices are high for displaying Facebook Ads and websites such as are more likely to offer competitive rates for displaying an affiliate banner.

Photo courtesy of sheilascarborough


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