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Facebook on Your Two Favorite Browsers

Updated on April 13, 2011

Facebook has propelled itself in virtually no time to the most popular social network comprising of over 500 million members and crushing its competition to acquire the top spot. A lot of users spend an hour or more per day on the site thanks to the vast array of applications available that keeps you from being bored.

If you spend several hours on the website, you might be interested in using an extension to your favorite browser to enrich and enhance your Facebook experience. Below are some handy extensions for Facebook for Firefox and Chrome.

3 Great Firefox Addons for Facebook

1. FacePad :

This add-on is basically a Facebook Photo Album Downloader. This means that if you want to download the entire Photo Album of any of your friends, you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading the photos one by one but receive the entire album at once using the add-on.

2. Friendbar:

This is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you stay updated with Facebook as well as Twitter if you are a fan of the micro-blogging service. It displays a running stream of text and photo updates on a toolbar, and also allows you simultaneously post updates, like or comment on Facebook and retweet, direct message, and reply on Twitter from the FriendBar toolbar.

3. Facebook Dislike

This add-on is a highly anticipated feature that has not yet been implemented on Facebook. As there is no inbuilt feature in Facebook which allows you to dislike someone's post or photo, this add-on for Firefox adds a 'Dislike' functionality too to Facebook thus enabling you to dislike anything on Facebook.

Those are three of the best add-ons that can be used to make your it is easier for you to interact with the social networking website. If you have any more personal recommendations, please leave it in the comment section below.

3 Handy Chrome Extensions for Facebook

  1. Facebook for Google Chrome

This is a great addon if you prefer a compact, minimalistic layout. This extension adds a button next to your address bar. When clicked it displays pretty much every detail on the website, however it is in a compact, unobtrusive menu that doesn't interfere with the layout of the browser in any way.

   2.  Facebook Photo Zoom

If you are a fan of photos, this extension will be a godsend to you. This is a simple yet highly effective extension that lets you display the full size of any image just by hovering over the thumbnail or smaller version of the image on your news feed. This saves a lot of time (unless you want to comment or like) as you don't need to open a separate page to view the photo.

   3.  Facebook To-Go

This is basically a notification extension that alerts you whenever you receive a notification on Facebook. So if you leave Facebook open on a tab because you want to see notifications right away this extension will save you that hassle as you can now close the tab and leave this extension running and you will be notified while you are surfing the net.

Those are 3 of the best Facebook extensions for Firefox and Chrome. Bear in mind that using extensions can increase the memory strain on the computer by your browser so only install any of these addons if they are actually necessary. If you are in a dilemma to choose which browser is best for you, read this post on Chrome vs Firefox on


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