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Facebook_Social Website

Updated on August 13, 2017 (Facebook) is a social website. On the login page of the website, a person enters his/her personal information to create an account. People add their friends, family members and related contacts and create a profile. The website has become very popular over the years and it has above two billion users around the globe. Users share their thoughts, opinions, photos, messages, their day to day activities with one another and also discuss about many topics on forums created on the website. Chatting, sending images and meetings are very common on Facebook. Many people have also added their business website on Facebook which is used to host their business functions. Millions of users enjoy different games, sponsored event that are present on Facebook and many developers have created many important applications useful for people from different spheres of life. Many important topics, global news and events trend on Facebook website with thousands of readers.

Many companies have set up their job profiles, consulting pages, enterprise pages and interactive pages which help users like job seekers, employers, advisers, students and others. Many companies post their product advertisement on Facebook which helps users to buy or know about a product comfortably. Over the years, Facebook has introduced various new features which allows the users to customize their profiles efficiently. Users can post videos, create groups and adverts on Facebook which allows them to stay connected with important people around the globe and increase their network. The website has many safety features installed which helps users to transmit their data securely.

Brief History of the company

Facebook website was started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and few of his friends. Steadily the popularity and the reach of the website increased and over the years the company's website became one of the biggest social networking website. The Facebook company provides jobs over fifteen thousand people and is a listed entity on Nasdaq. Facebook uses many features to make the user's experience with the website more friendly. As the popularity of Facebook grew around the world, the website was made available in many different languages. The website has been written in C++, D language and PHP. The company has offices in many cities in different countries throughout the world.

Advantages of Facebook

  • Creating a Network :- One of the advantages of using Facebook for business purpose is that owners can build a good network on the internet. Network is necessary for a business to introduce or provide an update on a product to its users which not only builds trust in the users but also keeps the users well informed about the business. This also facilitates in the promotion of the business which is required to have a better performance than its peers.
  • Video Chatting :- Users on Facebook can chat through videos. This is very important for users who are away from home from their family and friends. Video chatting makes users feel more close to the person they are taking to which is very important for a user who is away from home. Video chatting is also important during events or meeting scheduled by business managers as they are able to connect to a much wider audience.
  • Flow of Information :- Facebook is an online social website and news from various different fields like sports, science and technology, politics and entertainment trends on the website on a daily basis. This is very important for users as they get an update about any important news concerning them relatively quickly and comfortably. New information regarding a wide variety of things from products to any other news is available in few minutes.
  • Free and secure portal :- Using Facebook is absolutely free for billions of users worldwide and this feature is one of the most important reasons why Facebook is popular among users today. Many safety features are available on Facebook to transmit data in a safe manner. Spams and other insecure information is blocked and removed from the website.
  • Entertainment website :- Many pages, videos, games, applications are present on Facebook which are enjoyed by users of different age groups. Many users spends few hours daily on the website to get rid of boredom and do various sort of social activities on the website and stay in touch with their friends.


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