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Top 10 Ways How to Not Lose Friends on Facebook

Updated on June 1, 2011

Easy ways to keep freinds on Facebook

The best thing about Facebook is it gives you the ability to block all those crazy apps from clogging up your news feed, but what about the rest of it? Here are a few pointers to help keep you on your friends’ good sides when using Facebook.

  1. You’re bored and…. Nothing ever starts out well with that statement. Just because you’re bored, it doesn’t mean your friends are, or that they want to know how you are entertaining yourself. In other words don’t clog your friends news feed with the twenty videos you just watched on You Tube, or quote after quote after quote from that (fill in the blank) site you have spent an hour reading through. Instead how about just posting a link to that site?
  2. You are very passionate about your cause, good for you; it’s terrific to see people so dedicated to a specific cause. Just consider the fact that it may be difficult for people on your list to see picture after picture of animal cruelty cases, or one post after another about a certain tragedy or that politician getting called out, etc.
  3. You post the same post four times in a row, one right after another of the same exact thing because you are just so darn excited about this piece of news. Your friends may not be as excited, in fact they may be (probably are) annoyed by all those posts.
  4. You post anything in all caps or that “more creative” way of caps on and off. Here’s an idea – try making the words count more than the presentation. This goes for any post that includes more than one exclamation point as well.
  5. You tag famous people (or even just people you know) in a photo or post that has nothing what-so-ever to do with them. It's just a very lame/desperate way to draw attention to yourself - and it's not going to get you any new friends, it may even cost you a few if you do it often enough.
  6. You make repeated comments on your own status to draw attention to it and yourself. If people want to comment they will, otherwise move on.
  7. You constantly correct spelling errors. Sometimes it's just one of those not very helpful auto-correct programs actually making the error, sometimes it's not, but does it really matter? If you can understand what they are saying isn't that really the point? And to those of you whose spelling is absolutely atrocious? Try running things through a spell checker because trying to come off all ghetto/street wise with your phonetically spelled posts just make you seem really stupid.
  8. You are Mr. (or Ms.) self-righteous. Everyone's got that one person who just complains about everything, because nothing is as good as they would have done it, etc. Posts from you always make your friends roll their eyes and move on.
  9. You post a comment on a photo or another post that has nothing to do with that photo or post. If you want to communicate with someone that's what a wall post is for.
  10. You write an article about Facebook pet peeves. All your friends will think you are talking about them (which of course you’re not – you mean all the other people who do those things).


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    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Nice hub! Well, to be honest, I don't use Facebook a lot. Maybe 5 - 10 minutes a day and I don't bother posting anything funny or sitting in front of my Wall and trying to think hard about what to share on my Wall. Nice 10 tips though! Well done!