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Faces of the Apple iPod

Updated on May 3, 2008

Apple iPod

Just about all of us have heard about the Apple iPod or some form of MP3 player. They're a great way to take your music on the go, and with select versions, you can keep your favorite pictures and videos with you at all times, as well.

I've always steered clear of the Apple iPods. I mean, as all my cousins received various iPods for birthdays and Christmas, I opted not to ask for one. I didn't see the point behind them.

But, in 2007, my oldest cousin was getting married and there was just no way that I could take an eight hour road trip listening to my parent's music. We have completely different tastes, and it would drive me up the wall! I broke down and purchased a green iPod Nano.

Let me tell you, it's changed so much of my life, always having my music with me no matter where I am.

But, as with any technology, the Apple iPod has suffered crazy advances throughout the years. Yes, they have kept with their different series- Classic, Nano, and Shuffle, but all have been revamped and advanced.

iPod Classic

The 80 and 160 GB iPod classics store music and videos. Both versions of the classic have about a 40 hour playback time before you have to recharge, which is a grand improvement if you ask me.

As with any iPod, the classic has high quality sound and features.

The classic features the click wheel to navigate through your music and videos.

With the iPod classic, you can browse through your favorite TV shows, listen to audio books, and play hours of games.

iPod Nano

The 3rd generation Apple Nano is by far different from the original Nanos. I mean my nano is about 2.5" to 3" tall and 1.5" wide. The 3rd generation iPod nanos are 2.75"H x 2.06"W x 0.26"D. The shape is more of a square versus the old rectangles. And, all this change in only a year or so.

The 3rd generation Nano plays up to 5 hours of movies (which my nano doesn't support) and 24 hours of audio.

You can even store pictures, your daily calender, and contacts in your 3rd generation nano.

By, far, I think I need to upgrade.

iPod Shuffle

Again, the newer Apple iPod shuffles are a far different cry than the older generations. These guys measure 1.07"H x 1.62"W x 0.41"D and are just a teeny version of the 1st generation shuffles. If I remember correctly, the first Shuffles were long and slender in comparison to today's tiny square iPod.

Although, solely an MP3 player, the shuffle features the same Click Wheel menu as the Classic and Nano. It ergonomic and a great on the go iPod as it snaps into various clips and holsters.

Keep an average of 240 songs in this 1GB iPod.

iPod Touch

Although very out of my price- range for an MP3 player, the Apple iPod Touch is a great innovation and improvement to the Apple iPod.

The Touch version is the first to not feature the Click Wheel, and is instead useable via the touch screen.

The Touch measures 4.3"H x 2.4"W x 0.31"D, so this iPod isn't your small- on the go iPod.

You can store music, video, and pictures on the Touch, as well as check Safari, YouTube, iTunes, and Starbucks Music, all with the click of your pointer finger.

The Apple iPod Touch has an ambient sensor that adjusts the lighting on the iPod to the surrounding light, which makes visibility at its best.


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    • Caregiver-007 profile image

      Margaret Hampton 9 years ago from Florida

      iPods are great for business purposes - listening to latest developments in technology or your fields of interest and endeavor, to training, and other podcasts. The wave of the future is here NOW!