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Factors to be Consider before buying solar panels for home

Updated on January 2, 2014

With Skyrocketing electricity bills now a days extracting electrical power from home installed solar panels has became a good option. Solar panels taps energy from sun and converts to electrical energy and store it in battery for use. This mode of power generation gives freedom from rising power bills, outages and even can earn you money if you deliver power to grid. However the initial investment cost for solar panels is high. But considering the life of the solar panels and no maintenance cost involve it is one of the good options to peep in. While buying solar panels some of the factors should be consider for saving economy and becoming energy self sufficient.

Why Solar power:

In US almost 25% of the electricity comes from petroleum, 22% of the electricity comes from natural gas, almost 22% comes from coal. This total accounts to almost 70% of power comes from conventional resources which are depleting at faster pace. Hence due to the limited resources available cost of electricity generated from these sources increases everyday. Therefore there is every possibility of increase in power prices in the coming days.

Therefore lot of focus was made on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. But the set back for these sources to become popular lies in the high initial cost. Lot of research is going on solar power to make energy efficient panels to harness more power from the panels of limited dimension. At present the efficiency of solar panels is 20% and lot of research is going on to improve the efficiency of the panels

Considering solar power clean, green and no maintenance required it is economical to have solar panels on the roof of the house which produces power without additional cost. In long run it will become more economical and after the payback period what so ever we get from solar power is profit. Before buying the panels some of the factors to be considered are listed below

Factors to be considered before buying solar panels:

Types of Solar Cells used:

Different types of solar panels are available in market. Amorphous panels generally have efficiency around 7% and cheap in cost. However the amount of power generated for unit area compared to other high efficient panels will be quite less. Poly-crystalline and Mono-crystalline panels will have an efficiency of about 15-16%. Therefore for the same amount of electricity generated efficient solar panels will occupy 50% of the space compared to amorphous panels.

Cost vs Value:

The cost of solar panel depends of the power rating of each panel. Power rating of each panel is given in watts. 50 watt panel will deliver 50 watts of power per hour. The energy rating of the panels required upon the electrical appliances there are to be powered. It is advisable that while using solar power energy efficient lighting and other appliances are to be connected so that the power rating of solar panels can be reduced. Thereby reducing the initial investment cost of the panels.

Mounting systems:

Depends on the roof architecture and space available solar panels can either hang on the roof or can be ground mounted if ample space is available. In the case of roof mounting additional cost involves for mounting the panels. But it has the freedom of choosing the tilt angle and can have solar tracker to follow the sun

Space and Watts:

The space available and amount of watts required to power the appliances is to be considered while buying solar panels. If little space and high power requirement is the criteria you can go for high efficient solar panels on the other side if plenty of space available you can go for low efficient solar panels which results in lesser investment.

Durability and Warranty:

Solar panels require no maintenance and control costs. It is just plug in and use modules. Therefore warranty for panels is a must to be considered while buying. Minimum of 20 to 25 years warranty will be provided for the panels


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