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Fanbox comes to Neumont University

Updated on January 29, 2012
Fanbox logo
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Recently I was able to speak with the CEO of Fanbox. He came to my college to try to look for some people to work for him. I have been going to this school for over a year and I remember him coming last year. After he left the last time I was able to find out some things about his company and ask him the results I had found. I would like to post what he had to say about the questions I had and how I felt about his answers.


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The Discussion

About an hour ago I was able to speak with the CEO of Fanbox. A company that is currently trying to take the approach of social monetized blogging. If signing up for an account you will notice it looks similar to Facebook but has a few different sides to it. The blogging side of it is similar to making money here on Hubpages. The only difference is that the money you make is being funded by the people, not Google, Ebay or Amazon. The way it works is when you post a post, you automatically get publicized. You get an individual ad just for your post. If you want to make your ad featured you can pay a certain amount per click. Once you start earning money off of Fanbox you can use those funds to further your ads.


He also said that there is a lot of negative comments about their company. However he said they were not going to do anything about that until the beta stage. I personally don't believe that is the smartest idea for a business, because you are not improving for the audience you are crafting the business around.

At Neumont University, a ton of different companies come to propose what their business is like and why we should come work for them. This is one of those businesses where their previous record will keep me from wanting to get an interview with the CEO.


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