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Fancy USB Flash Drives

Updated on May 10, 2014

New Stylist USB Flash Drives

Be fashionable with some of the newest Fancy USB Flash Drives. Showing one's style doesn't have to stop with what you have on your back. Here are some Fancy USB Flash Drives to spice up your data storage and show off your new style everywhere.

Medical Alert USB Drives

Did you know that you can store important health information on a USB. Both the key chain and necklace USB listed below could be the new medical alert device that you always have with you. You medical provider can just pop in your flash drive to view your latest information. And in case of an emergency, your emergency contact information can be stored.

Store you allergies, primary care provide contact information and other important medical information on a USB for fast access.

LaCie iamakey USB Flash Drive

The LaCie iamakey USB looks like a key, but it is a flash drive. It holds up to 16 gb of data and can easily be put on a key ring. Having a USB on a key chain ensures you will never lose it, or leave home without it; which means you always have your data with you at all time. This is only one of the newest innovative and stylist looking flash drive. Choose a flash drive that best fits your personality.

Jewelry USB Flash Drives

Do you want a new piece of jewelry? Well the new Jewelry flash drive is just what you need. It looks like a necklace but is functions as a USB flash drive. How cute is this? You wouldn't have to look hard for this device because it's around you neck, which makes this device very accessible anywhere. Best of all, it's a way to secret hide important information and always have it with you. Who would know your necklace contains top secret information.

Sushi USB Flash Drives

From Tuna to Salmon, choose your favorite Sushi and store data on it too. If your looking to be the coolest at the office, this flash drive can score you points. It's a great novelty piece with a purpose. Have you ever picked up someone else traditional USB by accident. With the sushi USB that could never happen.

Be the new hit at the office or the talk of the class with one of these new fancy and fashionable USB Flash Drives. With these new USB Flash Drives you're not just storing data your increasing your "cool" factor. Don't wait, purchase one today.


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