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Fantom GF1000EU G-Force 1000GB External Hard Drive vs Western Digital Elements WDE1UBK10000N External Hard Drive

Updated on May 21, 2011

One Terabyte (TB) hard drives offer amazing storage capacity for home computer users. The Fantom GF1000EU G-Force 1000GB and the Western Digital Elements WDE1UBK10000N typify the state of the industry.

These 2 external drives support the popular interface technology USB 2.0 for connection to Windows based PCs, Linux based PCs, and any other computer with a USB 2.0 compatible port. Data transfer rates can be as high as 60 MB / sec using USB 2.0.

The Fantom GF1000EU also supports SATA connectivity, which yields significantly higher data transfer rates; up to 480MB / sec.

Generally, a 1 TB hard drive will hold:

423 two-hour DVD-quality movies
1500 hours of VHS-quality video
881 days of 24 X 7 MP3 audio
373,550 digital photos.

Access / Seek Time

Access Time, or Seek Time, is the delay required to move the drive read/write heads to the correct location on the storage platter. All mechanical devices such as hard drives have some unavoidable latency. This delay is usually expressed in msec (milliseconds, or thousandths of seconds) and is calculated as an average, based on some benchmarking calculations from the manufacturer. All drive manufacturers work to minimize this number, both during manufacturing and practical benchmarking. The numbers published by different manufacturers will vary and should be used as a general indication of performance.

Fantom advertises an Access Time of 8.5 msec for the GF1000E. Western Digital publishes a Seek Time of 8.9 msec for the WDE1UBK10000. Keep in mind that a different benchmark would produce different results; these numbers are close enough to be functionally equivalent.


The WDE1UBK10000N and the GF1000EU each include a 12 month warranty supported by the respective manufacturers. Extended warranties are available through 3rd parties such as Bankers Warranty Group (BWG). A warranty is only as good as the company behind it; ask about cross-shipping and repair times before depending on any hardware warranty. If warranty support stretches out over days or even weeks, it may be more inconvenient than it's worth.

Any hardware warranty will not include data recovery. Consider the value of your data before committing it to any storage device. A hard drive has moving parts and will eventually fail. A catastrophic failure prohibits access to your data. Some failures occur without warning.

Western Digital Elements WDE1UBK10000N External Hard Drive

Western Digital Elements WDE1UBK10000N 1 TB External Hard Drive
Western Digital Elements WDE1UBK10000N 1 TB External Hard Drive

Fantom GF1000EU G-Force 1000GB

Fantom GF1000EU G-Force 1000GB external 1TB Hard Drive
Fantom GF1000EU G-Force 1000GB external 1TB Hard Drive


Both the WDE1UBK10000N and the GF1000EU are available through retail channels for about $100 at the time of this review. Prices invariably fall for hard drive storage technology; look for more price drops in the future.

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