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Farmville Too Big for Facebook

Updated on March 26, 2010

Farmville Too Big for Facebook,Popular facebook application, FarmVille has launched its own website.

Facebook is popular amongst most on the internet. The application “game” FarmVille is another Facebook fan’s favorite. Well now the people behind FarmVille have decided Facebook just isn’t big enough for their game and has decided to launch its very own website for users of the ridiculously popular application.

The site is to be called and is the official site. This offers both support and links to FarmVille forums and also access to its own shop…

You heard that correct! Here you can order key rings, t-shirts and mugs plus other items connected to the popular online game. It seems that any cows that milk cash are currently out of stock and look increasingly unlikely to be stocked ever…!

Now is Farmville Self-farming away from Facebook?

Not only are their links to online shops and memorabilia but also on the site you can access the game. However it has not completely got rid of its popular Facebook roots just yet as still you MUST play the game through the Facebook Connect Service.

The question must be asked for how long…?

Let us all face it, with Mafia Wars and Farmville, two of Facebook’s most popular applications, does it warrant its own website? How long before Mafia Wars follows?

Still there are many who will agree if it means we are a step closer to omitting annoying update status messages on our Facebook about who lost their dog or who milked what cow, then it will surely obtain a massive “thumbs up”.


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