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Fashion Headphones To Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Updated on May 19, 2010

Cool Headphones For Summer 2010

Summer has now officially begun and those old iPod earbuds you've been wearing for the past six years will no longer cut it in 2010. Sure they may play your music just fine, but wouldn't you rather look awesome doing it?

This summer we're seeing some exciting new pairs of fashion headphones coming from both our old friends WESC and newcomers to the scene such as Urbanears! And, I'd never thought I'd say this, Skullcandy has even delivered a few surprises with their Double Agent and upcoming Rocnation Aviators lines.

WESC Oboe Seasonal Headphones

We are the Superlative Conspiracy, or more commonly known by their acronym as WESC, always releases new limited edition colors each season.  This spring/summer we got Grape Leaf (pictured), Royal Blue, and Cadmium Yellow.

These are the same great quality WESC headphones we've grown to love over the years, and their quality Sennheiser components don't fail to impress.

WESC Maraca Headphones

The Maraca line, also by WESC, is a bit unorthodox.  The square wood block-esque style is bold, but if you are a fan you will be treated to some massive 57 mm drivers.  Most sets of over the ear headphones have around 30-40 mm, if that puts it into perspective a bit.

Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Urbanears is a relatively new brand to the fashion headphones scene, but they are quickly looking like they'll give Skullcandy and WESC some needed competition.  Urbanears headphones come in nearly every color imaginable, and their solid color design provides a nice alternative to the sometimes tacky Skullcandy pairs you will see.  

They don't just look good either, the Plattan line comes with plenty of great features including in-line cell phone functionality and what is called the "zound port" which is essentially a 3 mm audio out jack that lets a friend listen in on your tunes.

Skullcandy Double Agent and Rocnation Aviators

I generally disapprove of Skullcandy headphones in general, you just see them too much and a lot of them are kind of tacky. However their Double Agent line looks pretty cool and they aren't plastered with skulls which is always a plus.

What's really cool is Skullcandy's upcoming line that will be released this June. They're called the Roc Nation Aviators and they have almost a steampunk vibe going on. They are essentially Jay-Z's response to Dr. Dre's Beat line by Monster Cable. They will probably be pretty expensive, but they are definitely something to keep an eye out on.


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    • CheapMobilePhones profile image

      CheapMobilePhones 7 years ago from UK

      All have neat design and colorful.

    • Derek D profile image

      Derek D 7 years ago from United States

      Designer headphones, I've seen it all. A color for every mood. What next?

      Nice work :)