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Faster than light speed

Updated on January 30, 2013

How could internet possible become faster than the speed of light?

New science questions einsteins theory of relativity. Could Albert Einstein one of humanitys brightest mind be wrong? The answer lies in the very fabric he started to map out many years ago. This fabric or particle is called Neutrinos.

Much of todays spearhead technology research is unavailable to the public or just not comprehendeble because of technicalitys or just mass. Everything can be made sound if it's true. Just like salesmen use their own catchphrases physisists have theirs "shocking", "revolution" and "if true". I mean let's be honest, we are all trying to get by and to go back to the topic of Einstein he was a human being who was trying to get by to. Because he had a good(and bad) reputation for his theory of relativity and the nuclear bomb he was an authority among scientists. If he had even a plausable theory it "must" be true everyone thought. Whether it was on purpose or not some of his useful though not necessarily true "facts" and theorys have been put to the test by the LHC particle collider.

Prior to this test it was commonly known that nothing could go faster than light except light itself(in vacuum). Recently the LHC instruments picked up on a group of atom building blocks called Neutrinos moving about 1000 miles per second faster than the speed of light.

It might not mean much that some tiny winy little particle moved this fast but in reality if this could be used as a medium for data traffic it's a whole other story. It would yet again revolutionize the internet like early broadband did and modems did prior to that. Todays fastest medium you can use to surf the web, check your facebook and so on is by fiber broadband. Under that you can always use 4G but this new technology would be way faster than any of this. Cool huh?

However if you are planning to get yourself mobile internet or anything feel free to do so as this technology will not be available in many years if it ever comes. Internet speed is at a steady peak which means it won't go up much anytime soon.


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