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Fears Associated with Internet and their Phobia Equivalent

Updated on September 8, 2017
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Endy is a social enthusiast. He writes on faith, politics and other social issues.

Internet and technology

Fear has been described by scholars as man’s worst enemy. Some had argued that fear can reduce a man’s capacities, potentials, abilities and performances. Others hold that fear motivates man to rise above situations. Whichever ways we look at it; fear has a psychological effect on each of us. It certainly affects us, but what effects it creates on us depends on how we perceive it.

There are many fears associated with internet, computer (PCs and desktops), internet contents or users. Do you know what these fears are? Do you know their phobia equivalents? Here are top ten fears associated with the internet and their phobia equivalents.

1. The Fear of Computer

Computer is defined as a programmable device that stores and retrieves data, performs high-speed logical and mathematical operations. It’s associated with prefix ‘cyber’ which means computer, computer networks or virtual reality. Of course, we’ve heard of cybercafé, cyber war, cybercrimes, cyber negotiations, and so on. These are common terms in every day context. What is not common is cyberphobia or Logizomechanophobia. Cyberphobia or Logizomechanophobia is the fear of computer.

Millions of people in the world today are afraid of computer. This fear manifest either as a result of ignorance or because of what fear is to mankind, psychologically. At least, we each have something we are afraid of; and for some people, it’s computer. My friend, Kelly is one out of many in the world who is afraid of computer. He perceives computer as totally mystifying. You possibly won’t believe this fear has symptoms. According to Sam Bari of Jamestown press, the symptoms of a typical fear of computer on a person include shortness of breath, rapid breading, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and overall feelings of dread”. Could these claims be true? Maybe, you could possibly want to seek more!

2. The Fear of Technologies Associated with Internet

The internet is the twin of technologies and there are many people out there who are afraid of internet associated technologies. According to Christopher Bader, “People tend to express the highest level of fear for the things they’re dependent on but they do not have control over, and that’s almost a perfect definition of technology”. The Apple—US department of Federal Bureau of investigation, FBI, saga is one of such cases. One of the fears linked to technology, for instance is workforce dislodgement. As reported by Bader, “For the Luddite, the fear of technology was not in the capacity of the technology or the fear of using technology. This fear was built around that automation of industries using technology would effectively eliminate the need for human workers”. So technological advancement, though a good thing has its own associated fear called technophobia. Technophobia is the fear of technology or technological advancement—which the internet is one. It maybe the fear of its ability, the fear of the intelligence of its inventors and manufacturers, the fear of its influence, impacts and productions—including its power to dislodge workers (labor force) or even a mere imaginations of its capacity. Of course, all of us are afraid of our computer or web contents being harvest technologically. That’s kind of true and the fear is real.

3. The Fear of Nudity, Porn or Pornography

The internet is heavily and largely portrayed as a temple of porn, nudity and pornography. Some people actually believed that once you log on to internet regularly or frequents internet, you’re a big fan of porn and nudity. Some are so scared of porn and nude photos that it appears as though they have never seen their own nakedness before. This fear of nudity, porn and pornography are referred to as nudophobia (gymnophobia) and pornophobia respectively. Nudophobia (gymnophobia) and pornophobia caused many people to avoid the internet like a plague. Some parents barn their children from using internet. Others are completely paranoid about it. While it is okay to be afraid of corrupting contents, abnormal level of this fear should be checked. Here is a piece of advice for parents who are scare of porn. You could use DNS filter. If your internet provider does not offer DNS block, getting a third party. It’s as simple as a Google search—just search “DNS filter”.

4. The Fear of Internet Scam, Fraud or Blackmail

Seriously, just mentioning these group, I’ve become so scared right now. What really do I want to write about internet scam/scammers, fraud/fraudsters and blackmail/blackmailers? Well, this fear is real and nobody wants to be scammed neither do anybody wants to be cheated but we have scammers and fraudsters among us. Also nobody wants to be blackmailed but we have blackmailers—that get us so scared on and around the internet. Apart from robots, ghosts and aliens among us the internet users, every one of us have these fears to some degree.

The unfortunate thing is that this fear can manifest in other ways. It could be the fear of writing untrue content in public, which is scriptophobia or fear of unfortunate incident which is referred to as atychiphobia or the fear of myths, fairy tales and stories; or false statements called mythophobia. Other fears associated with scams, frauds and blackmails are fears of expressing opinions or receiving praise called doxophobia etc. All these fear are related and linked to both lost and self-perceptions. We don’t want people to called us scammers and we don’t want them scam us either.

If I were be an authority, I could like to suggestively called the fear of scam as (scammophobia) and scammers as (Scammerophobia). The fear of fraud could be referred to as (fraudophobia) and fraudsters as (fraudsteriophobia). While those of blackmail and blackmailer could tentatively be referred to as (blackmailophobia) and (blackmaileriophobia) respectively. What do you think?

5. The Fear of Non-payment or Payment Related Fear

This is another common powerful fear. If you buy or sell—whether goods or service on the internet, you may have at one point experienced this fear. In fact, this fear is graven. It’s made worse by the fact that we dealing with people we don’t know—we are not even sure if they’re human or some form of ventriloquist’s dummies or animatronics. This fear can cause heart attack especially when you’ve send goods, render services and the payment is delayed. It’s related to security, authenticity or whether we are dealing with fraudsters or not. Though the phobic form of this fear is generally unknown but many blogs referred to it as paynuphobe. The phobia form could suggestively be paynuphobia. Check it up! The basic thing here is there are people on internet who are paynuphobic. The last time my cousin ordered a phone online and the delivery was delayed, he almost turned a philosopher. He wrote down the entire chat conversation that transpired between him and the seller. That’s how graven this fear can be. Who want to lose anything he/she has got, paid for or entitled to? Not me and not you, I guess! That makes us paynuphobic.

6. The Fear of not having the Technical Know-how

This is another big area because most of us live with the feeling of inadequacy. We don’t think we can do it. We don’t think we’ve the right kind of knowledge. It looks rather new, strange and unfamiliar—striking a cord of fear within us. This fear of newness or novelty is called cainophobia or cainolophobia, kainolophobia or kainophobia. If you think it’s the fear of knowledge, that’s not having the right kind of knowledge, then it is called epistemophobia or gnosiophobia. If you think it’s the fear of imperfection, then it’s called atelophobia. But if the world chime of intellects would permit me, I could like to call this fear (technicophobia). Whatever our perception of this fear, one thing is certain; it’s real. Personally, I’ve fears of navigating complex websites and blogs. This is one fear that come directly under lack of technical knowhow. This fear is the reason why I can’t own a blog yet because the technicalities are killing!

7. The Fear of Non-human Users of the Internet

This fear is real and I can say with audacity that all internet users have this fear. Generally, the fear of the non-human users of internet exists. These include the fear of ventriloquist’s dummies, animatronics creatures, wax status or anything that falsely represents a sentient being. This fear is generally called automatonophobia. Specific examples include things that come under non-human users of internet are robot, alien, ghost etc.

a. The Fear of Robots

I couldn’t find the right phobic name for this fear, however, websites or people on websites are afraid of robot. It’s easy to come across phrases like, “Prove you’re not a robot by identifying the road signs in the pictures below or enter the codes below to prove you’re not a robot”. Have you come across any of those before? Oh yeah! If you’re a real internet user and not a robot, you definitely have. That’s how you know there are people with this funny fear I wish to call (robotophobia). According to The Atlantic reports, “Americans fear robot more than death”.

b. The Fear of Ghosts

You might not believe me on this! There are people who are afraid of interacting with ghosts on the internet, especially people who engage in internet dating. But whether you believe or not, this fear is called phasmophobia.

c. The Fear of Aliens

Now let’s light it up a little. According to my little nephew, Joshua, “Aliens are green creatures from other planets”. Funny, Right? Yeah! I came across a quiz questions, “What color are aliens?” The answer to that question was green. Whether that is true or not, there are people on internet who are afraid of aliens. Research couldn’t give me phobic equivalent of this fear but I could like to called it (alienophobia) or hang on to a generally accepted name for foreign fears, xenophobia.

8. The Fear of Technical Terms, Slogans or Jargons

The fear is common to both writers and learners on internet. It’s popular among writers dreaming of delving into niches such as ‘content writing, science fiction or scientific writing, technological writing otherwise called tech writing, cultural, religious or medical writing’. Generally, this fear is real. Do you know what it’s called? Hellenologophobia! Hellenogophobia is the fear of confusing highly technical terminology—including Greek, Latin and maybe even cultural terms.

Hellenologophobia is normally caused by intense damaging experience. Our minds create worries because we want to be technically correct but we’re not adequate enough, and don’t want to look stupid before other people. We want to be experts! Adrenal insufficiency, excessive strung, concern and inadequate knowledge are identify as causes of hellenologophobia. Doing research to increase our knowledge, however, could be a good cure for this fear. The Google and other search engines are there to help us overcome this fear.

9. Tasks, Assignments or Social Anxiety Related Fears

This fear is common to those who take up internet works and those who give works or tasks on internet. Those given tasks want to beat dates and time, perhaps do more works. So they could become anxious and afraid as a result. On the other hands those that gives works wonder and worries if their work is being done at all by their clients. This result in a fear called ergophobia. Ergophobia is work and workplace related fear. People can’t imagine failing at assigned tasks. They either don’t want to disappoint or face disappointment from clients. This fear is also a social fear and cause lots of anxiety among internet commuters or telecommuters.

10. The Fear of Internet Spyware and Viruses

Someone who identifies himself as AaronG post this in a forum on the ‘Digital Spy’. “I have a mate who lives at home with his parents and they have only one computer. His dad is OBSESSED with computer viruses and spyware to a ridiculous extend. Each time a website displays a pop-up that’s it—website banned. He is banned from using even very mind websites……any IM things like MSN are banned……” Is AaronG’s friend’s dad alone in this? Certainly not! You and I like this man in question are scared of computer viruses and internet spyware or spyres. You may have heard or say to someone before now, “I couldn’t open your work because it wasn’t safe for my system. Don’t send us attachment we won’t open it! I can’t use your flash drive, I’m afraid it may contain virus (es)! What anti-virus are you using? Secure your password to avoid hacking, spying or a third party user. Or a blatant, “I’m sorry, I can’t take this risk!” Hahahaha! Have you heard or come across any of these sentences or phrases before? Now tell me; what’s the phobia form of this fear called?

Endeavor to tell me too which of the above fears you have?

Motivation Bonus: Fear is a normal human melanoma—deeply rooted. If we’ve to wait till they all go away, we’ll never try or achieve anything. We’re all afraid, but we’ve to do things anyway!

Disclaimer: The phobia in parenthesis e.g. (technicophobia), (scammophobia) are author’s thoughts and opinions. They were not found in the dictionary of phobias used by this author. The author couldn’t find them through google searches so if you know or have any helpful link you contribution them here!


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