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Feature-Rich VoIP Will Energize Your Business

Updated on September 6, 2012
Irresistible VoIP Features
Irresistible VoIP Features

VoIP – Expect More from Your Phone

Many of us have come to view the telephone system as a static medium with very little innovation. At the most one can say that voicemail was the newest feature that was introduced even though it was essentially a glorified answering machine. Just imagine how much could have been done even with a simple voicemail feature if the telecom companies wanted to innovate instead of stagnate. For example, they could have given customers the ability to download their voicemail messages via e-mail. Or they could have offered services for transcription as well. Instead of that, we currently have a tortuous system with voicemail navigation that varies from provider to provider with limited messages and a limited ability to navigate through them.

VoIP promises to change all that and shake the telecommunications industry out of its number. Its flexibility allows any business to customize it and make it work the way they want. For example, SIP forking allows several phones to ring at the same time all of which are linked to a single telephone number. Complex rules can be configured specifying which phone should ring first and at what time. Other facilities exist such as the automatic recording of all business conversations as well as transcriptions if necessary. A great deal depends on the features offered by your SIP provider. High-quality HD voice codecs exist for crystal-clear communications within your organization. Add this to the fact that VoIP is far cheaper than a traditional PSTN phone system, and you have an unbeatable combination – one that is particularly irresistible to businesses who like to save money.

Organizations with extensive salesforces will particularly benefit from mobile VoIP because of its ability to serve employees on the move just as well as it serves those who sit in one place. Telephone numbers are not tied down anymore to physical devices which means that you don't need to provide every employee with their own handset. They can use their own and still be reachable on your organization's telephone number.

All of these facilities are examples of what is possible with VoIP. There really is no limit and if your organization has a special need, it can be programmed in if you're willing to take the time. Contact your Internet telephony service provider to find out what features they offer and what pricing plans they have. Unlike the stranglehold that the telecommunication companies have on the market, the VoIP industry is extremely competitive and you will find many Philadelphia PBX providers who will be able to offer you competitive rates and distinguishing features so that you can find a choice that works best for you.


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