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Fellowes PS60C-2 Paper Shredder Review

Updated on January 26, 2014

Review of Fellows Cross Cut Paper Shredders

The Fellows PS60-2 and PS60C-2 have the same features except for the “C” model which I purchased and am reviewing here offers a “crosscut” feature which shreds your documents into confetti instead of just long strings of paper. The cross cut paper shredding feature makes your shredded documents much more secure. This paper shredder is the ideal shredder for small home office environments like mine.

The PS60C-2 is designed to shred paper, staples, and credit cards. While it claims it can shred small paperclips I would definitely not recommend doing this as in my experience an occasional paperclip is enough to jam the shredder. I have no problem with ordinary staples as they just bend through the cutters and pass through no problem.

The “C” model is rated at 8 sheets per pass and the regular model 12 sheets per pass. The paper shred size is 5/32” x 1-3/8” and 7/32” respectively. I have tried to pick up pieces of confetti to read anything and it’s simply not possible. Once your documents are shredded it’s a done deal.

Fellows recommends a maximum daily shredding passes at 25-50 and I can attest to this number. I tried shredding a huge amount of old documents when I first go the shredder and after about 10 minutes the motor heated up and shut itself down. This is a safety feature that will prevent the motor fry frying itself. The shredder will stay off for a period of 20 minutes while it cools back down. This is not the shredder you should buy for heavy duty shredding needs. Again this is perfect for the small home office where you just need to get rid of old bank statements, tax records, junk mail, etc.

Operation couldn’t be simpler. You turn the machine on and a sensor detects the paper as you pass it through. There is a forward and reverse toggle on the switch should the paper jam so you can rock it back and forth to release the jam. There is a small Plexiglas window on the paper basket so you can visually see when it has reached capacity.

While not entirely silent it’s pretty quiet, but a person in the same room on the telephone while you are shredding would be annoyed.

Tip on Maintaining Your Paper Shredders

You should frequently oil the shredding mechanism to keep your shredder operating properly. I went to the local Office Max and I was surprised at how much they wanted for a small bottle of shredder oil. So I jumped on line and started doing some research. I found several people who had contacted Fellows and were told all you need is a high quality vegetable based oil with a high flash point. So I examined the flash point of several vegetable oils including olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil etc. And not to my surprise CANOLA oil was the perfect fit.

You see while all the vegetable oils are based on some vegetable – Olive Oil from Olives, Peanut Oil from Peanuts, etc. Canola oil does not come from Canolas! There is no such thing! Canola oil means Canada Oil… it actually comes from a plant called “Rapeseed” Brassica Campestris. It’s been used for decades as an industrial lubricant. It was not introduced as a food oil through GENETIC ENGINEERING. You see Canola oil contains an acid called Erucic Acid which is toxic to humans. In short its junk oil that is super cheap to make. The whole food industry has jumped all over it just like corn derivatives because it is so cheap. The Government is not concerned about Health as they are in bed with Corporate America who is only concerned about money. I would never eat the stuff, but it makes a terrific and inexpensive paper shredder oil.

I’ve now had my Fellows Paper Shredder form more than 5 years. I use it a couple of times a month and my own personal experience with it has been excellent. So if you are looking for a reasonably prices home paper shredder give fellows a look! I’m sure the models have changed a bit by now but the Fellows brand seems to be good value for the money.

Cross Cut Paper Shredder Model PS60C-2

Fellows Cross Cut Paper Shredder that I have owned for about 5 years now
Fellows Cross Cut Paper Shredder that I have owned for about 5 years now


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