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Fiber Optics cable (Optical fiber)

Updated on September 19, 2011

It is the most advanced media in communication, which uses light rather than electricity to transmit information. Optical fiber is very thin media, which is measured in microns and is very hard to identify with our necked eye.

It has two layers - clad and core. Both the core and the clad are made up of same material (glass or plastic) . The light is passed through an optical fiber by the process of ' total internal reflection'. Light source for it is 'Laser' or 'Led' and detector is 'Pin'. A the source, electrical pulses generated by computer or electronic devices, is converted into light by 'Laser' or 'Led' , which flows from fiber optics in the form of light. At the destination, the light rays are again converted into electrical pulses by 'Pin'. It doesn't have any danger of leakage and electrical interferences. So, it can be used in any environments like under big factories, ground or airports. It has the highest bandwidth and the highest speed in comparison to any other media and is most expensive than other media. Data can travel long distance without any loss and amplification, so amplification cost can be minimized by using fiber optics.


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