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Updated on October 12, 2009

According to the web site, Fast At, is a feature site of Ascentive Software who also operate the Finally site, which, as many computer users are aware, is heavily promoted worldwide on both radio and television.

Like its cousin, Finally, the Fast At web site appears legitimate and professional, purportedly offering leading edge software tools to “speedup your PC”, “speedup your Internet connection”, and protect your computer from malware, amongst other promises.

It’s been said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and I suppose that if a company, in this case, Ascentive Software, has developed a reputation for a less than frank presentation of its software’s effectiveness, then reinvention is necessary – and so we have Fast At; same company, same products, different name.

Ascentive LLC (owners of announced today the renewal of their Microsoft Certified Partnership. The partnership required Ascentive to demonstrate a high degree of expertise in working with Microsoft technologies including supporting Microsoft software and achieving product certification. Testing of a packaged software solution by Microsoft or its authorized testing vendor is crucial to be awarded and to maintain Certified Partner Status.

Ascentive and Finally are proud to continue the partnership with Microsoft which allows it to provide consumers with reliable and effective computer software solutions to maximize PC performance, increase Internet speed, protect children from online predators and allow businesses to keep employees productive, secure and accountable.


Basically, the website is just a finely tuned system of getting you to pay for something you could get for free. They wouldn’t be spending big bucks advertising on ESPN if the FinallyFast website wasn’t making a killing.


Simple answer no, will not solve your problems I am betting money it will make your problems worse you are better off follow the directions on the link posted below, it's free and it works.


Finally is advertised on t.v. For 29 dollars it promises to clean up your computer and make it twice as fast at least. When you pay the money all they do is clean up your cookies. Then they break down the remaining functions into 3 or 4 parts and charge you $30 for each one.


I notice this site is the same company as If you take a look at the report and comments on SiteAdvisor, I would avoid this software. It seems others report the billing is deceptive (apparently there is a recurring charge), it is difficult to cancel, and also that the software does not work very well.


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