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Find the Reasons Why You Want to Blog

Updated on September 9, 2013

Blogging Today


An Important Discovery

The subject of this article could quite possible one of the most important discoveries you can make for your business. Everyone and their cousin is developing a blog today and when you take a good look at a bunch of them I think you'll find it hard to disagree that most are rather mediocre. Many are just plain junk. So it's super important to create a blog that people will want to read. The fastest way to that goal is to find the reasons why you want to blog.

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You Like to Write

If your main reason is that you just want to write you may want to rethink that. That is extremely vague and you will have a difficult time convincing readers that you have a purpose in the blogging arena. Now don't get me wrong, becoming a writer is a noble vocation. I know because I do enough of it and get paid for it. But just creating a blog whose purpose is writing doesn't convey enough unless you refine it to be lessons in writing, or writing contests, etc.

You Could Write a Family Newsletter

Some people want to write a family newsletter and this can certainly be a nice thing to do for the family. But if you have a larger goal of making money from this remember the only audience you are going to attract are the members and friends of that family. A reader in say, Maine is not going to give a hoot about the Smiths in Idaho.

Now it's an entirely different story if you are a famous family like the Kardashians. Then people will want to track your every move. But the key to this is to figure out the best way to monetize the traffic that comes from those ravenous visitors.

Battling it Out


Do You Have What it Takes For a Political Blog?

There are plenty of political blogs that are quite successful. These types of blogs tend to be on one or the other side of the political spectrum. If you have the stomach to take up heated comments from the opposing side, then creating a politic rant blog may be right up your alley. This is not for everyone though.

One type of political blog that seems to be absent from cyberspace is one that is neutral on the political spectrum. This could be a good way to carve out a specific aspect of this niche. Be warned though. It's often difficult to take this position as everyone seems to take a side one way or another. Even those that are "in the middle" tend to lean one direction or the other.

Dude Selling Stuff


Many Blogs Are Created to Promote Products

There is nothing wrong whatsoever with setting up a blog whose purpose is to promote a product or service. In fact, you'll find a lot of decent sites that do just this and they do it well. They tend to be in the form of review sites where the blogger reviews the product or service in question. But keep in mind, increasing regulation is making this avenue a bit more trickier to navigate. You must make sure that you have the proper disclosures about your relationship with the particular vendors you are working with. It's still plausible. Just make sure you cover all your basis.

Blogs About Good Causes

I think we can all agree that supporting a good cause is a worthwhile endeavor. Setting up a blog that helps that cause either by collection of donations or just awareness of the organization (or both) is a common task that bloggers take on. But there are some situations that you must be aware of before taking the plunge.

The most important issue is to make sure you let the government know you are doing this for a cause especially if you are collecting any kind of fee. You will be under increased scrutiny when doing so and the filings are a lot more involved.

Another factor is that there are a lot of posers these days that set up blogs under the guise of a good cause. These bloggers are certainly not going to notify the government and they are most definitely going to try and collect as much money as they can. The problem here is that your blog, however legitimate it may be is going to fall under the scrutiny of your readers, especially if you are just starting up. It's always the few bad apples that create a bad name for everyone else. The key is to be persistent and FOLLOW ALL THE RULES!


Give Us Your Expertise

What is it that you know well enough to write about? Are you an expert at something? You make the perfect candidate for creating a blog about that subject. You'll have plenty to write about, that's for sure. And readers will come to know you as an authority on that subject. It's only a matter of time that Google (or other search engines) follow suit.

True Fan!


What Are You a Fan of?

Another reason you can find to blog about is if you are a fan of something. I am a Beatles fan so this is the perfect subject to blog about for me. And it has a heck of a lot of information for that niche so I won't be running out of things to write about anytime soon. What are you a fan of? That is a great area to start a blog about.

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Closing Words

There are just too many blogs to simply start writing random posts for the sake of filling up time. You may feel like you're being productive when doing that when it's quite possible you're helping to fill up the information superhighway with cyber junk. Focus on a purpose that is shared by others and you'll find in no time at all people will want to read what you have to say.


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