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Finding Nemo DVD

Updated on January 26, 2014

Finding Nemo DVD

Finding Nemo DVD – pretty easy actually.

Warning:  The following is dribble, trite, and just the same old kind of crap you can read on any blog – at least I’m being honest.  I need to find a birthday gift for my niece so I thought I’d do a little research and quickly write about it.  If I were you I probably wouldn’t read this… but hey I’m not you.  Sheese I’d like to think I’m better than this but I must not be – I’ll blame it on delirium from summer heat.

My niece and nephew both loved Finding Nemo so I thought about getting it for he for her upcoming birthday.  This is the type of film kids will watch over and over.  It doesn’t matter how many times they have seen it.  Plus it’s an easy out for uncle me!  I don’t really know what else they would want and Finding Nemo DVD is inexpensive and will be well received.

So I did a little online shopping for the Finding Nemo DVD.  I know that my sister doesn’t have Blueray so I just looked for the standard DVD disc version.

Amazon has the Two-Disc Collector’s Edition for $15.99 w/free shipping on $25 orders

Disney Store sells it for  $19.99

BestBuy is $14.99 + shipping and I’m too lazy to drive over there and spend the gas is $14.49 + $2.90 shipping = $17.39 plus I kind of think that they are … well let us just say I won’t ever buy anything from them again.

Walmart has it for $13.46 + $.097 shipping + $1.08 tax = $15.51 but I despise Walmart on so many levels from their abuse of employees to the fact that 80% of their crap comes from China.  So you can buy there but I’d rather spend the extra fifty cents and give my money to a company that pays their employees and treats them with respect.

So tomorrow I go to Costco and I’ll check and see if they have it.  Finding Nemo came out in 2003 so it should probably have dropped in price by now don’t you think?  But not for Disney stuff… they seem to keep on printing money in perpetuity for everything they come out with.

I find myself thinking out loud as I write this… maybe I’ll just take her to lunch.

Finding Nemo DVD

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo


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