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Finding a Cheap IPhone 4G

Updated on December 28, 2010

What is the most anticipated phone of the year the apple IPhone 4G of course. Not only because there is a Apple insignia on it but because of the large network and features it will provide to its users. The main question that people ask is how much is it going to cost me? Or how long should I wait to get one? Or is there a way to get a cheaper IPhone 4G?


The biggest place to start your search for a cheaper IPhone 4G is right in front of your computer. There are many online retailers that sell and stock these phones at significantly lower prices compared to their physical retail Competition. With little overhead online stores have the effective ness of not having those extra expenditures that a retail store does so can greatly pass the savings on to their customers. Many online stores also have coupons or discounted items  if you purchase the IPhone 4G from them and activate service so make sure you look around a little before plopping it in your basket.

Another great outlet to finding a cheaper IPhone 4G is through the use of online auction sites. Many people first think of EBay as the first place to look of course it is a great site but also check out the other little known auction sites that will allow you sometimes to get a better deal because there is more competition for the phone. Price comparison is easier to use when using online auction sites as well so make sure you look before you make a bid on a IPhone 4G

Another great outlet to find great deals even in your local neighborhood is places like Craig’s list. Online classifieds are becoming a great place for the normal user to list there products for sale without having the hassle or expenditure of a online auction site. Which means more savings for you and most likely you can find a local person selling one in your area so you save again with shipping and handling charges.

Fourth the is also a not so well known way to get a free or deeply discounted IPhone 4G or other electronics. They are offered by marketing companies to help prompt their products or services. Some marketing companies use sweepstakes or other forms of marketing to get you to enter and it’s a good as a chance as anyone but be sure you are researching the company because some will sell your data so make sure you trust the company or marketing firm you want to have your data.

So if you are still in the market for a great IPhone 4G then take a look at some of these suggestions and see if you can find your IPhone for the price that you want to pay. Persistence pays off in the long run and you will be happy that you made the right decision.


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    Thnk you for the great recommendatin.

  • Jordan Riley profile image

    Jordan Riley 6 years ago

    Fantastic article that you have made. Fantastic is all I can say

    Fruitful article that you have made.

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