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Fired Up Kindle Apps: Comixology

Updated on June 26, 2013
Close up image of comic panel of "Thanos Rising" via Comixology app for Kindle Fire
Close up image of comic panel of "Thanos Rising" via Comixology app for Kindle Fire
Full panel image of "Thanos Rising" via Comixology app for Kindle Fire
Full panel image of "Thanos Rising" via Comixology app for Kindle Fire

Hello and welcome to this new hub about apps for the Kindle Fire. Let me start out by saying that I love my Kindle Fire. It's the 7" model with 8 gigs of internal storage and it's a multi-touch screen. That said, the apps that I will be covering will work on any Kindle Fire.

The first app that I'd like to review is called Comixology, a free app for your Kindle Fire and a must have app "if" you enjoy reading comic books.

What the app does

This app for your Kindle Fire allows you to down load digital comics from the "Comixology" website and access them on your Kindle Fire at your leisure.

The facts about this app

This is the actual info provided by Amazon about this app...

  • Have the largest comic store with Guided ViewTM Technology on your mobile device
  • Get more than 500 free comics from a library of over 30,000
  • Read purchased comics on the web as well as your mobile device
  • Experience comics like you never have before
  • Be guided through your favorite comics with a dynamically masked view of the panels

First of all, lets ignore the fact that you can purchase these comic books and read them on your laptop or PC and concentrate on this Kindle apps great features....

I'm a comic book geek...period!
So that means over the years (many years actually) I've collected and read many comic books and I have at least 10 full boxes of comics as well as a few graphic novels and hard cover books relating to comics so obviously I have a pretty large collection of "physical" comic books.

But with digital comics, I can read my comics and store them in the cloud and have as many as I'd like (within the limits of what my Kindle can hold) as well as access my purchases on the Comixology site whenever I'd like.

You also have the choice as to how you read your comics with this app. If you like the traditional "full page" effect where you can see all of the panels, then you can easily select this option for viewing...but you also have the option to read your comics with the dynamic masked option although that's not what I call it.

I call this option the "theatrical view" option, and the reason why I call it this is because when you select this mode the comic panels become more like movie scenes, with panels zooming in in all the action as well as highlighting the dialog between the characters.

My biggest complaint about this app is when you purchase new comics, you actually have to uninstall the app, reinstall it, and then you'll have to sign into your Comixology account to access your new purchases for download.

My only other gripe is that lately I've noticed that I've had to power down my Kindle and then restart it before my new purchases appear in the "My Comics" area of the app on the Kindle.

The average rank for this app by users n Amazon is a 2.8 out of a five star rating, but I would give it another star just because in my thinking the app allows me to read my comics digitally and I can easily take my latest purchases with me and read them while I wait for my wife to get out of work.

Well that's the first review done and next time I'll be reviewing "Marvel Pinball!"


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