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Is Your Firefox Add-On LeechBlock Not Working?

Updated on July 17, 2011

The internet has made it much easier to procrastinate and to spend time on websites that you shouldn't be spending time on. A very helpful add-on has been developed for the Firefox web browser called LeechBlock which allows you to control when you can access certain websites or parts of websites, such as forums.

A great feature is that you can control when you are allowed to visit a website. You can block a website from 9am - 5pm every weekday so you won't spend time playing games at work and you won't be going needlessly to Facebook and Twitter.

But what if you installed the add-on and it doesn't seem to work? Various people seem to have this problem: you install the add-on, you configure some URLs to block in the add-on preferences and you can still visit the website?

What's going on?

What to do when LeechBlock is not blocking websites

Here is what you have to do to get LeechBlock to block websites:

  • Under What to Block, add a list of website domains, such as or, one per line.
  • Under When to Block, you have to set both the time periods and the days on which you want to block the websites! I initially only set the time period to 0000 - 2400 (i.e., all day) but I hadn't set the days of the week on which the website should be blocked. If you permanently want to block access to a website then you have to have a checkmark in front of every day. Just click on the button "All Day" for time periods and "Every Day" for which days of the week to permanently block access.

    If that's not what you want then you can configure it as you like of course but you have to set both the time periods and the days of the week.
  • Under How to Block, you can specify what page should be displayed, such as a "Site Blocked" page or perhaps your home page.

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

If you have followed the above steps, the add-on should block the websites as desired. If you still have trouble getting it to work, look at the website of LeechBlock or go to the community forum for support (see the end of this article for the links).

More info about LeechBlock

For more information about LeechBlock have a look at its website with more examples and a list of frequently asked questions:

Get LeechBlock for Mozilla Firefox

LeechBlock is a great add-on for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to block websites and control the time periods when you can access websites. If you haven't installed it yet, you can grab it here:

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    • profile image

      ludmor 2 years ago

      Does LeechBlock see that I visited a site on a different computer? Either this explanation, or my addon is broken.

      I installed it a few days ago. I set it to block facebook every day 0-24, with 30 minutes allowed access every 12 hours. On my own computer, I accessed the site last night. This night, I'm still redirected the motivational wallpaper, even though I just opened the computer today. I used Facebook in the office in coffee break, but... that could not possibly have an effect, right?

      Also, the allowed excaptional access is not seem to be measured continuously. OK, I did not use a stopwatch, my time spent on the site seemed unrealistically long. After closing and reopening the page, the blocking started. (I prefer immediate blocking after reaching limit.)

      Or is this a matter of settings?

      (I use Ubuntu and Firefox 41.0)

    • profile image

      joep 2 years ago

      thanks this helped