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Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera Blue Review

Updated on September 21, 2010

Want, want, want.

Need, need, need.

Then they scream. Then they cause havoc. Then you need a glass of wine.

Kids can be demanding; they can be overwhelming, a force that can push even the calmest to their limits. I could go into the details of why this is, but that would be too much of a psychology lesson. The bottom line is that they can be a handful.

The question, therefore, you probably ask yourself on a daily basis is 'how can I get some peace and quiet?'. Of course there are thousands upon thousands of ways one could do this, but many of them require you to invest some kind of energy. We don't want that. We want the easiest solution. We want... to give them something that will keep them occupied. Right?

Imagine the perfect toy: They love it. They spend hours playing with, and then more hours looking at what they did with it. In fact it is such a great toy that it encompasses them for a few hours every day. That book you wanted to finish? You've already read it three times since.

This toy does exist; in fact it's not even a toy. It's a digital camera? Yeah, I know. Amazing.


Here is the review of the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera Blue


The fisher price kid tough digital camera blue will bring happiness.
The fisher price kid tough digital camera blue will bring happiness.

Let's first talk about it's appearance, not that your child will care either way. The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital camera is designed just how the title states - kid tough. This means it's durable and can handle even the worst of your child's germs. It has dual handles which are positioned on the side of the camera and are more like large bike grips then handles; the camera is the perfect width and the handles work extremely well.

The durable design of the camera doesn't just stop at the handles, but is apparent everywhere in the camera. Big, bright buttons are beside the LCD screen, making it very easy for your child to control. My favorite part, however, is the viewing screen. It works like a binocular with two distinct holes for each eye, making it very easy for anyone to look through and take a picture; in fact some of you may be wishing you had the fish price kid touch digital camera instead of your own.

The camera features a 1.3 inch LCD color screen that works like every other digital camera on the market; instantly after your child takes a picture, he or she will be available to review the picture on the small color screen. Surrounding the small screen are for large, color coded, buttons: scroll up, scroll down, delete and power off. Your child will take great pride in being able to scroll through the pictures they took and delete the ones they don't like.

Taking the picture is just as convenient and child-friendly as the rest of the camera. A big red button is on the top of the camera for the snapping of the pictures; there is no zoom or focus to worry about. Just point the camera to what you want taken (could be some gross things if your kid is handling it) and press the big red button. It's so easy that even a child could use it... oh, wait.

It can hold 50 - 60 pictures with a memory of 8MB, and if that isn't enough it was an SD slot. There is a USB slot on the side and a cord is included. There is no software needed when connecting it to your computer; it will just recognize it as a mass storage device. That battery life for the Fisher price kids tough digital camera is long lasting; there is even a power-saving option built in if your kid neglects to turn it off (which is likely).

The one downside of this camera is that the quality of pictures are poor. They look good on the small LCD screen (almost like how a cell-phone picture looks alright), but when transfered to the bigger screen of the computer the quality drastically decreases. Not that your child will mind. They will just be amazed that they took the pictures and they were creator for once - instead of the other way around.

So the bottom line? I think you already know. Buy this for your child today. You won't be disappointed and neither will they.



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