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Three Back-Linking Sites To Promote Your Blog

Updated on September 13, 2014

#1 Teckler

Teckler is ranked 24K in the world in Alexa ratings and has been around for about a year. The site has potential, but as for now is lacking in traffic. Even so, I like the site and find it easy to use to promote an article I have written in my blog.

It's easy to create a teck and there is hardly any rules to the site concerning word limits. in my opinion the layout and editor are quality looking and the site has an overall nice feel to it. It is also a site where you can get paid. It has only a .50 cent payout through Paypal, but I've found it difficult to make any money at all. The CPM is about .40 cents, and the traffic isn't very good usually unless sharing it to social sites.

After about 53 tecks I have about 550 views, but I usually don't share my tecks to social sites and also I don't work the site itself much. The site seems to be undergoing some growth pains, so it could very well become a great site in the near future. As of yet, it's just a decent place to put in a small effort and get a back-link to your blog in the process.

#2 RedGage

RedGage is ranked 38K in the world in Alexa ratings. Not sure if they are taking new users right now or simply asking you to leave your email and get on their waiting list. I would suggest leaving your email and getting on their list. I did this and a couple weeks later they invited me to join their site.

RedGage is a good place to promote your blogs and make a little money in the process. I mean a little though as they pay about .60 cents CPM. The way they have the site set up though is easy to see how much you are making and what is making you the money. You can upload links, pictures, write a blog there, or videos that aren't YouTube. Writing a blog there has come in handy at times when I wanted to showcase a rejected article from Wizzley.

Again, it matters how much you work the site in order for the site to bring you traffic and make money from. A lot of photographers like this site to simply share their photos and make a little money from them. There are some people there who have been there for years who have made thousands. The payout is $25 through a credit card they give you. I will have to wait and see how this goes as I have only made .21 cents there so far.

#3 Bubblews

Bubblews is ranked 1652 in the world in Alexa ratings. That sort of explains why I can't leave out this site even though there are problems with it. I personally don't like the site much because it is slow, has a girly motif, and doesn't pay people sometimes. Other than these problems though it is easy enough to use and because of it's ranking has high traffic.

Having high traffic doesn't mean people will come to your blog through your back-link though, because the type of user you get there are going so fast and furious they don't have time to actually read or enjoy a whole post. Yet, the pay is good if they do pay you. The payout is $50 through Paypal and you get a penny per view, like, dislike, and comment. Basically you can make .20 cents to a dollar a post.

I've never been paid by them, my account was shut down there because I was questioning other people not getting paid. I've since rejoined just to see if I could and have written a few articles. It's sort of an experiment for me, but as for now it's also an easy back-linking site. Of course, as the others the more you use it the better success you'll have.



I've found that concentrating on a few sites is better than spreading yourself too thin. There just isn't enough time to build up back-linking sites and do the actual writing of your blogs. If you have a number of social sites you also use to promote your sites, then this also takes up much of your time.

These three back-linking sites I've been using and will continue to use. Hopefully they will improve as sites and I can even make a little money from them. In the process of growing my social sites I'm trying to also grow these sites, and then when I put a back-link there it will have a better impact. As for now, these are giving my blogs some authority, some traffic, and I'm making some money. I don't think you can go wrong with that.

Update Sept. 13, 2014

I wanted to leave an update and let you know Teckler is now shut down. This happened in the last week. They were dying for the last few months anyway and I was hardly using them anymore anyway.

So, to add another back-linking site to your efforts, I would suggest a new site called Persona Paper. They pay $1.00 per thousand views and comments you leave, and the payout is through PayPal after $5 threshold.. They allow you to leave back-links as well.

Although Bubblews is problematic, they have updated their site in the last month. I like the way it looks, but I hardly write there unless to leave a back-link here and there. It does earn well, but the problem is if you will get paid. Maybe in a year or so I'll get to the payout and be able to see if they pay me.


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    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 3 years ago from West By God

      I do understand your sentiments about Bubblews. I have now used it as a backlink almost exclusively now. I have come back to Hubpages and when I publish a new one I will write a short blurb about it on Bubblews.

    • Lowdown0 profile image

      Robbie Newport 3 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      I think Teckler is worth having, because it will only improve and the user friendliness is appealing. Personally I just like the way it looks and feels. bubblews so often takes forever to load if it does at all.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 3 years ago from West By God

      I heard some not so good news about trekkler so I have not gone there. Redgage, I have an account but have never had the time to go there.

    • Lowdown0 profile image

      Robbie Newport 3 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Hopefully these sites improve over time, Bubblews is one of a kind. I'm glad that most people get paid most of the time. I like the other two better though overall.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 3 years ago from West By God

      I use Bubblews for this. Thanks for the information.