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Five Innovative Technologies You Never Knew Existed

Updated on June 5, 2018

Technology is proliferating at a breakneck speed and as such, there are developments made every day that we might not even know about. From medical advancements to scientific discoveries, the industries in which these innovations are deployed are as varied and the audiences they reach. Keep reading to learn of five new technologies you might not have heard about yet, but are changing the game for sectors around the world.


1. 360-Degree Holographic Displays

While it might sound like something from the Jetsons, there is a device known as the ZCam, developed by 3DV Systems, that can capture an incredible amount of depth information in a short amount of time. Using a technique known as the Time of Flight, the camera sends pulses of infrared light onto the surface of an object. Then, it detects the light that reflects off of those surfaces.

Analysts can monitor how long it took the light to journey to the target surface and back again, then use that data to calculate the overall spatial distance. Then, scientists can use that data to create three-dimensional models of all objects within that scene.


2. Lightsabers

Yes, they’re the tool of choice for Star Wars heroes. They’re also real-life tools and you might not even know it! Consisting of a sleek metal hilt, the blade of plasma, or energy, that these sabers project is about a meter in length.

While their use is primarily designed to cut through objects that wouldn’t budge under other circumstances, it’s important to proceed with caution if you ever get your hands on one. They can leave cauterized wounds in your skin and as such, should only be used by professionals. While their true existence and application is still under dispute, this is one technology that’s been on our watch list for a while.


3. Robotic Retouching

It used to be that when an image needed retouching or editing, a team of experts would spend hours behind a computer analyzing every fine detail. Now, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the process can be performed in mere seconds.

Through a process known as image classification, leaders can use AI to break the image editing process into micro-steps that can be performed by a blend of manual work, AI and automated scripts. As a result, images adjustments such as sharpenings, contrasts, retouchings and more, can be achieved in a fraction of the time it used to take.


4. Smart Contact Lenses

File this one under the field of wearable technology. Put simply, this is a sector of technology focused on developing and designing tech-driven products that people can wear on their bodies. Every time you slip on your FitBit, you’re utilizing wearable technology. In the case of smart contact lenses, you could be looking through it, too. Thanks to sensors built into the lenses themselves, doctors can track the progress and condition of the person wearing them to ensure optimal health.

This is especially helpful for diabetic patients, as doctors can monitor their glucose levels through their tears and respond in real time if they notice an issue. Though it’s still under development, this is one technology that could make a major splash in the health sciences field.


5. Smart Key Holder

This is one of those gadgets that we never knew we always needed. Anyone who has ever scrambled to find the right key to open the right door understands the time-consuming frustration that can ensue. A smart key holder uses technology to open up precisely the right key you need, every time. After you sync it with your smartphone, it uses geolocation technology to discern where you are, then selects the correct tool from there.

While some of these technologies are still under development and review, there’s no denying that the future is here. As we continue to press the limits on what we can imagine, create and design, there’s no telling where the road of innovation will take us.


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