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Five Must-Have Accessories For iPhone 5, and Possibly iPhone6

Updated on May 17, 2013

Enter iPhone 6, Scram for iPhone 5 Accessories

Don't we just love the way communication technology seems to make a mockery out of us, while my iPhone 5 has barely scratched, rumors of iPhone 6 are already on the treadmill. Akh!

For those like me who are obsessed with communications technology, the rumors are both a source of adrenaline influx as we anticipate the new release and a thousand anxieties of what to do with the 'old-fashioned' iPhone 5.

It is at this moment that we start contemplating second-hand flea markets for the gadgets, and to get the best kill for the deal, adding one or two unique iPhone 5 accessories becomes necessary. But just what accessories do I need to make my second-hand iPhone 5 marketable?

  • iPhone 5 Wireless Speakers

To get the best out of your iPhone 5 in terms of music or video audio quality, you need to invest in one of the many wireless speakers available in the market. What is more enticing is the fact that most of the iPhone 5 wireless speakers are easily portable, thus making your iPhone the ultimate picnic entertainment hub. Try to explain this to any second-hand purchaser and see if you won't make a good deal for yourself.


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