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Five Reasons Not to Buy an iPad 2

Updated on February 8, 2012

Apple is always coming out with new and improved product designs. One of the most popular new technological gadgets from apple is the new iPad 2. The first generation tablet was just released not to long ago and has many different things that can be done with it. The iPad two has all the same functionality, is a little faster, little more compact and has a camera. But, is it truly worth he price to switch from the original iPad?

The biggest new feature on the iPad 2 is the camera. You can use it in real time to use iLife apps that are mainly focused on video and photos. The slightly increases speed of memory CPU and graphics means it is better suited for games and other video rendering programs. But, I still have not found an exceptionally compelling reason to ditch current, original iPad since it still does everything I need it too.

Here, are my 5 top reasons that im not upgrading yet.

Media Player:

One of the biggest things I use my original iPad for is to listen to music and watch occasional videos. After looking over the media player functionality in the iPad 2 and the video capability, it still looks the same. All the movies and music play exactly the same in the original iPad.

E-book Reader:

One of the original reasons I decided to get the iPad was because of its eBook reading capabilities. I love to read all kinds of books, and instead of carrying around a ton of books I have a library right at my finger tips. With the iPad 2, it is exactly the same functionality as my original.

Online Browsing, Content, and entertainment:

The new iPad two has now real advantage when it comes to getting the same online content as the original iPad. The original iPad still streams everything from my Netflix account. Al the other websites I generally look at can be used with the same functionality.


Both of the iPads have functionality in the process of getting HDTV to your TV. The main difference that comes with the iPad 2 is the fact it comes with a video mirror cable. The resolution from the original iPad is a max of 720p while the new iPad is 1080p max HDTV resolution. Still to me not worth the extra 500 dollars for the new upgrade.

Garage band:

I was amused at all the hype that Apple put into getting people to upgrade just because of the new app called garage band. The problem I saw is that there is no real advantage to the iPad 2. So, still wanting that app and not wanting to upgrade I installed it on the original iPad. Garage band works just elaborate on the original iPad as it does the new one.

With just these top 5 reasons, I decided to pay some other bills off first and wait for the new generation iPad3 when they come out. It is just not cost effective when you actually compare the functionality and features in both the iPads. But, if you are one who always wants the latest gadgets that are totally up to you, and I am happy for you. But, the iPad meets my needs just fine.


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  • agreenworld profile image

    Dawn A. Harden 

    6 years ago from CT-USA

    iPads overall are good products but very much hyped up which will keep the market price up with little contention until the next high tech idea makes iPad users take a second look.


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