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5 Reasons Why I Love Tumblr

Updated on September 18, 2017

I made my first Tumblr account in April 2010. I had attempted (and failed) many times in the past to run blogs on other websites, so I was up for trying something new.

At first, I didn’t use my account that often. I’d occasionally write a post about what was going on in my life, like an art competition that I placed second in, and my favourite rock band. I only had one follower, which was my friend that I had also introduced to Tumblr, and I only followed three blogs. Then one day, I felt like looking for more blogs that belonged to other young adults to read. I used the 'search hashtag' option to do this.

And that, my friends, is how I discovered the wonderful world of Tumblr.


1. The Friendly Tumblr Community

I have made many friendships and acquaintances on Tumblr. I know that it is always advised to not speak to strangers over the Internet, but Tumblr has certainly made an exception to the rule. There is a feature that allows you to send messages to blog owners, and this is the main way that people communicate on Tumblr. You can also post comments and replies on other people’s posts.

I follow blogs with owners from all over the world (and I’ve even encouraged a few friends to make accounts as well!). I have found people that have similar interests to mine, and I’ve had conversations about books, movies, personal artwork, music and school life.

What I also like about the Tumblr community is how friendly and supportive the members are. If you write a personal post, whether it is about your bad day at work, or that you passed your driver’s test, you will often find that another person has commented on it, leaving you a little “pick me up” message, or one of congratulations. Some members have even created ‘advice blogs’; that is, if you are in need of guidance on a small matter or simply want to get something off your chest, you write that person a message.

By encouraging my friends to make Tumblr blogs and following them, I have learned a few more things about them, such as their favourite types of music, things that inspire and motivate them, and favourite television shows.

Users always joke that Tumblr is like one large family or group of close friends, and I’ve certainly experienced this community feeling while being a member. In larger countries and cities, there are even organized “Tumblr Meetups” where members arrange to meet in a public area, and spend the day together. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends who live in the same area as you!

Tumblr Mobile - on the go!
Tumblr Mobile - on the go! | Source

2. You can post about anything!

A blog can be about anything. You can write about your favourite foods and those that you want to try, post photos of the outfits that you wear everyday, your favourite band or even how your day went – anything at all.

On Tumblr, you’d find that most blogs have posts on nearly every topic – I’ve seen posts related to fashion, motivational quotes, photographs of food, animals and celebrities and even do-it-yourself craft tutorials. There are even blogs that are dedicated to a certain subject, and only post things related to that topic. These can be found in the Tumblr directory, or in the recommendations made for you by TumblrBot.

Creating a post on Tumblr is very easy – you can create bodies of text, upload photos and music, and share links to YouTube videos and other sites with your followers. It actually can become quite addicting! Tumblr also has applications created especially for mobile phones, so you can stay connected while on the go.

3. Inspiration for many things in real life

Like I wrote before, Tumblr is filled with literally millions of posts on a wide variety of subjects. I find that some posts can be very inspiring, especially in the case of motivational sayings. There are many posts quoting famous authors, poets, celebrities and singers on Tumblr; if you are going through a rough patch, or feel a bit unenthusiastic, reading and remembering these quotes can sometimes encourage you to go that extra mile.

You can also get ideas for many things in real life from Tumblr, such as ideas for fashionable outfits (both male and female), inspiration for your art work, as well as new things to try, such as food and customs from other cultures. On your Dashboard, you can find out about music artists similar to those that you like, as well as movies and books that your followers recommend. Seeing something on this website might even encourage you to try a new hobby, such as photography or learning a musical instrument.

An example of a Tumblr Layout.
An example of a Tumblr Layout. | Source

4. Easy to set up and customize

On their homepage, Tumblr boasts that it takes 30 seconds to set up a blog, and it’s no lie. Creating a Tumblr blog is incredibly simple; all you need is to provide an email address, a password, and a chosen username. The username that you choose would be used in your Tumblr URL, and would appear on your Dashboard. For instance, if your chosen name is anexamplehere, your URL would be As soon as you’ve signed up, you can start posting immediately!

Tumblr allows you to customize your blog in practically any way you want. You can install a theme from the Tumblr Theme Garden or third party website, and modify it (such as choosing the font type and colours, background image as well as write your own biography). Most Tumblr Themes are free, or cost little, and you can incorporate HTML as well as CSS into your blog design. You can also put links on your blog to your personal Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts, allowing your followers to connect with you further.

Being able to customize your blog layout in any way is one of the reasons I love Tumblr – it allows the blog owner to show off their little piece of the internet in a way that expresses their own personality.


5. The neat little things that you learn

Have you ever heard of an interrobang? It’s a rare character that is made up of a question mark and an exclamation mark (‽)and it’s meant to be used instead of using “?!”.

How about the word “GHOTI” that is pronounced like “fish”? The word was created by George Bernard Shaw, a well known author, to show just how ridiculous the English Language can be. (Look it up, it’s pretty interesting)

Those are just a few examples of what I’ve learned on Tumblr. Between scrolling through my Dashboard and visiting blogs, I’ve learned interesting facts and information, some that I’ve even been able to use in essays for class. There are some people in the Tumblr community that are passionate about English grammar, and create graphics that use humour to teach others how to use certain words correctly, as well as spelling. You also learn tricks to use on programs such as iTunes, Microsoft Word and Google (try typing in “Do a Barrel Roll” in Google!).

Granted, some of the facts that I’ve learned can be used only as conversation starters, but it’s always fun to see people’s expressions when you tell them the things that you learned.

I’m definitely glad that I joined Tumblr. Thanks to the website, I’ve met new acquaintances, learned new things, and have been motivated in many ways, including my future career.

If you’re considering joining this social network, I’d highly recommend it. Tumblr connects you to many people from around the world who share your interests, and you learn some new things in the meantime.

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