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Five Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Mac to Snow Leopard

Updated on August 26, 2009

The Mac OS X is the innovative operating system that runs on every Mac. It provides lots of nice technologies that are behind not only the look and feel but also the performance and stability of a Mac.

The latest incarnation of the Mac OS X is know as Snow Leopard, an improvement of the previous Leopard version of Mac OS X. With this new version, Apple in trying to get something that was already good into a rock solid operating system, with many features that will make the life of Mac users even easier.

I will mention five features that are absolutely important on Snow Leopard. These are important reasons why you should consider this update to the Mac OS X as soon as possible.

Some Reasons Why Snow Leopard Rocks

Reason 1:It is a much faster system. The use of 64 bits everywhere in the system means that access to files and memory is faster for demanding applications. Thus, you will have the whole machine available for all your applications, not just a few that were created to take advantage of 64bits processors.

Reason 2: Improved graphics libraries. With the improved graphic system, the Mac is even more responsive for graphical applications. This is a nice feature not only for people working on graphic design: everyone uses graphical applications, including web browsers, that will benefit.

Reason 3: Support for Microsoft Exchange. For people trying to use Macs at work, support for exchange will make it easier than ever to read corporate email from your machine. No need to install Windows or other windows applications on the Mac. That is a great advantage.

Reason 4: Faster wake up and shut down time. With Snow Leopard, Apple was able to improve the speed for waking up and shut down the machine up to more than two times. This is a great performance enhancement for users that are always on the move. No more extra waiting on airports and coffee shops: the machine wakes up almost instantaneously.

Reason 5: it is really inexpensive. If you are used to the abuse by Microsoft, charging hundreds of dollars for a new version of their operating system, you will be positively surprised by noticing the Snow Leopard update is just a few dollars for current users of Leopard, the previous version of the operating system. The low price really makes this a no-brainer.


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