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Five Things Android app development companies forget While Designing Apps

Updated on September 5, 2014

“With advancements like Android L and Google Glass, Google is running behind one million Android activations now.”

According to the International Data Corporation, the popular American market research firm, the market was dominated by Android smartphones in 2013 with over 81% of sales. The iOS enabled smartphones stood second with only 12.9% share. When the numbers are so huge, every business will try to reach out to their potential customers through this platform. Now, if you want to develop a mobile app for your business, keep few things in mind while hiring Android app developers.

Don’t Restrict yourself to just Java

Surprised? Well, let’s put it like this- Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language. Ever since its inception, the Android app developers love it for its awesome “write once, run anywhere” feature, which means that the code developed on a personal computer can be run on a Java enabled smartphones and other devices.

You don’t have to write different versions of your code for different operating systems and platforms. No doubt, the Android apps are developed on Java, there are other efficient alternatives available, such as PhoneGap, HTML5 and Scala which can more useful from time to time.

Developing Android App? Keep Android in mind!

When it comes to iOS, the number of devices are limited. The iPhone comes in one-size, iPad in another. That’s it! But if we talk about Android, we talk about a large variety of mobile devices having different screen sizes. The freelance Android app developers won’t be able to test on every Android device.

There are few things that the app developers can do to maintain consistency throughout the devices. For example, the developers can use the Density-independent pixels (dip or DP) in their layouts to support multiple screen sizes. If you use this feature, Android will automatically calculate the right amount of pixels needed to adjust itself to the screen size. This leads to more consistency throughout the devices.

Don’t Overwhelm your Users with a long list of Required Permissions

As they say- If anything grows up, people start attacking. Same goes for Android. With such a huge popularity and high sales, Android devices have become more prone to malware attacks. These malware can be in the form of apps also. Google removed over 100 malicious apps from the app store in 2011.

Now, if you app will ask for more permissions, it can create problems for you. If the users a long list of permissions, they can go away from your app. So, ask the Android app developer you have hired to limit the number of permissions required for the app.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Options

A lot of new Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are available in the market at present. Till last year, Eclipse was most popular among all the available IDEs. Last year, Google came up with its own IDE which was named “Android Studio”. It is specifically designed for developing apps for the Android platform. See, Google itself is doing so much for its Android app developers.

Stay Updated, Stay Ahead

Android is one such platform where fragmentation is still available alive. Make sure the Android app developer you hire is well-acquainted with the latest version of Android. With every update, Google comes up with a lot of extra things that are helpful in the development process. For example, when Android 4.4 KitKat was released, it came up with some new design tweaks that the developers could take advantage of. The new translucent status and navigational bars were introduced in that version itself.

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If we talk about the users, they like to keep themselves updated with the new features and functionalities. They expect the same features in your mobile app also. So, the next time you hire an Android app developer, make sure he is well acquainted with the latest technicalities of the world’s most popular mobile operating system.


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