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Five Things That a Blogger Should Never Forget to Do

Updated on October 20, 2013

The Career of a Blogger is Rewarding and Difficult

Blogging is a difficult career to pursue. Many think that working from home, and being your own boss is very cool, but they have no idea just how difficult it is. They also think that it is awesome to write for your own blog, and I'm not saying that it isn't. Sadly, not all know what a daunting task it can be to maintain a blog, be consistent and also return a profit. Bloggers have to take care of many other things besides writing.

They have to market their content, be present on social media networks, guest post, create back links and also reply to comments. It seems only natural that they commit mistakes once in a while. However, in order to succeed they should do all they can to avoid them. Here are five things that you should never forget to do in case you want to become successful with your little website, blog or online journal.

Blogging as a profession
Blogging as a profession | Source

1. Don't Forget to Answer to Comments

The best way of knowing that your site is actually being read, is if people are leaving comments on it. In my opinion, it doesn't necessarily matter if they are positive or negative (although too many negative comments will probably make readers refuse to take your article seriously), because comments are always a sign that people are actually interested in what you have to say. You have probably noticed that certain articles never get comments. Have you ever wondered why?

First of all they are not discussion material. By this I do not mean that they are not well written or informative, but they aren't marketed correctly. A great blog post should have an amazing title that generates interest from the first glance, because it is in the first few seconds that people decide whether or not they will read the rest of the article.

Articles which are controversial, insightful and personal are always successful because they offer that special something that internet users are always looking for. If people only wanted information, they would probably visit Wikipedia and be done with it, but they want to be heard the same way you do. If you add rhetorical questions or personal titles you will definitely attract eager and active readers.

Nevertheless, if your visitors have went into the trouble of commenting on your page, make sure you reply to them. This will probably fuel further discussions, and this will look good in the eyes of both reader and search engine.

Always be consistent and create Insightful article
Always be consistent and create Insightful article | Source

Article Posting Frequency

How Often do You Post Articles on Your Blog?

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2. Don't Forget to Post Regularly

The only way that your blog will ever make it out of the pit of anonymity is if you post regularly. At least twice a weak you should add fresh and interesting content for your website. Furthermore, it is not only about posting, but also about posting wisely. Try to find good topics on which to write, in order to attract more readers. If you aren't feeling inspired you can check out Google Trends, or Facebook Trends. It is always recommended to write about things that people are particularly interested in, and also to take advantage of events. However, don't forfeit your interests only to get some visitors. If you have a particular subject in mind that you feel passionately about, let that passion flow through your words.

Posting regularly means at least 3-4 times a week for a fresh blog, and 1-2 times a week for an older blog. Content is essential, especially in the first few months because it will increase your SEO scores. Speaking of which, make sure to add appropriate meta-tags, keywords and meta descriptions from the Wordpress dashboard in order to rank better on SERPs.

The truth is that it is difficult to master the art of blogging. Luckily for us, many bloggers have decided to share their secrets with us. Here is a book that might help you in the process!

Blogging Tutorials for Ambitious Writers

Social Media is fun!
Social Media is fun! | Source

Chose Your Favorite Social Media Platform

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3. Don't Forget to be Active on Social Networks

Reply to comments, share the love, make friends.

Social Media has become a determining factor in the overall performance of a site. There are countless social networks available which you can choose from, however, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are probably the most popular ones and you might want to take advantage of this. Try to register an account for all, add social widgets to your articles, and share your content online.

The trick with social media is to be SOCIABLEHere are a few tricks that will help you tame the five Social Media Giants:

1. Facebook
In case you haven't been living under a rock for the past five years, you probably have a Facebook account, and you probably spend a decent amount of your time browsing through your feeds, looking for events, spying on your ex-boyfriend etc. But from time to time, something interesting catches your eye, and you can't help but check out what it is. From the moment you open your blog you should also try to write interesting posts. When advertising on Facebook, it is usually recommended to write short, powerful messages, and accompany them with a photo or video, but longer messages can still work as long as they are interesting.

2. Google+
Google Plus has seen a significant growth in the past few years, and this should not come as a surprise considering that it is Google's adolescent social media platform. It was designed with business in mind, and it is a highly flexible medium where you can meet people just like you: who blog, and who work online. These contacts will be invaluable for you, so make sure you woo them. Use Google Hangouts, +1 other people's comments and always share your posts.

3. Twitter
For various considerations, Twitter is one of the most efficient tools for promoting just about anything. Its simple nature, that relies on 140 characters for delivering a message means that you will have to share something witty and impossible to resist. My advice would be to be yourself, and not worry too much what people think.

4. Instagram and Vine
Instagram and Vine may be tiny compared to the previous examples, but they have grown tremendously in 2013. This is because they are effective, simple, and compatible with smart-phones. All people have to do is take a picture and share it online. Furthermore, they can also share short videos. If you want to market your blog through these social networks, make sure to create powerful videos.

5. Pinterest
Although Pinterest is one of the most powerful social networks (especially for promoting eCommerce and shopping websites), it is not always the best decision for blogs. Nevertheless, if you are the proud owner of a fashion or travel blog, Pinterest will definitely benefit you. Try to create boards that are relevant to your niche, pin interesting stuff and also promote your own content from time to time.

SEO is extremely important because it will help crawlers index your page easier. This means more chances for visitor to find you.
SEO is extremely important because it will help crawlers index your page easier. This means more chances for visitor to find you. | Source

Introduction to SEO

4. Don't Forget About SEO!

Last but not least, bloggers should always consider the SEO aspects of the blogmeta-tags, descriptions, tittles, keyword research, back-link analysis, performance tracking and many more. You can always simplify your efforts with the help of the many SEO tools available on the market. They will help you automatize tasks that would normally take an enormous amount of time.

Search engine optimization may sound like a difficult thing to master, but it isn't. There are many great tutorials and blogs online from which you can learn the most important secrets. By implementing coherent SEO techniques you will be able to push your blog in the right direction, and with little effort! If you don't feel experienced enough you can also ask for the help of a fellow blogger.

Even if you are a beginner, the following video will definitely help you understand the basics of SEO in order to get started with your career. Enjoy!

Guest Posting can be a Great Experience for both writer and blog owner!
Guest Posting can be a Great Experience for both writer and blog owner! | Source

5. Don't Forget to Accept Guest Posts

You probably already know that you must have a healthy ratio between your own posts, and that of guest authors. Even if it seems like extra trouble, you should consider the guest blog service provided by various writers. As long as your page is authoritative, guest posters will come to it. Make sure to publish only high-quality and insightful articles that are not stuffed with keywords or strange links.

It is true that the process of accepting guest-posts is daunting, especially because so many writers try to trick the system by sending in duplicate content, spun articles etc. However, there is a quick solution for this: CopyScape. Furthermore, you can accept guest posts by accepting user registrations or by e-mail. Make sure that the content is insightful and interesting. On the long run, guest posting can greatly benefit your website.

Let's see what you've learned today!

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    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 3 years ago from Georgia

      This was very interesting and useful. I have 2 blogs and this reminded me that I really need to pay more attention to them. Thanks.

    • Joel Okimoto profile image

      Kai Morris 3 years ago from London

      Good article, I have heard allowing guest posts can be very helpful to a blog sites traffic, thanks for reminding me.