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Five Things to do to Secure your Yahoo Email Account

Updated on November 6, 2010



It is one of our greatest fears, second only to having our computer crash and that is having our email hacked. Truly a horrible event that leaves our friends pissed at us, our sense of security broken and much worse or private info revealed.

Yet we are not defenseless for there are five things you can do to help keep yourself safe and here they are. Some are basics and others things you wouldn’t think of.

1)   Have a good Password

A good password is one of the most basic of all defenses and good passwords are typically over 6 characters long and have both numbers and letters. This is a really good first step to protecting yourself. To get real creative insert some uppercase letters with the lower case letters or even add some symbols.

The one thing you want to remember though is to keep it remember-able. There is nothing worse than forgetting your password because you made it to complicated.

Another thing is to not use the same password for everything no matter how good it is if it is cracked whoever did it will have access to all your accounts and in short you will be screwed.

2)   Hide your passwords

Alright we know we are going to write down our passwords but don’t keep them in the open. A good idea is to keep a secret journal or book where you write down all your passwords. You could even put it in a file on your computer using word, one note or notepad.

Whatever you do make sure it is hard to find. Simply put if someone really wants to get into your accounts they probably will but why make it easy for them.

3)   Don’t give out your info… Period!

You may receive an email asking for your info from your bank, Yahoo, or just about anyone. Point blank do not give out your info for one Yahoo, your Bank, and ect. already have your information on file and do not need it for you. These are scams.

Don’t give your info to your friends or associates. Listen you may want to but what if you have a falling out, what if you break up with that person or what if they accidently let it slip to someone else. We are human it can happen and it is best to just simply not give your password and login name out to avoid any problems that may arise in the future.

But let’s say that you are going somewhere or have to do something for awhile and need to have a friend check your email for you. In this case only give it out to your most trusted of friends and change the password when you finish whatever you are doing.

If you don’t want to give your info to your friend and they are asking for it just say “It is my general policy (or whatever) to not give it out.”

4)   Get a Seal

I’m sure you have seen that icon that says “Create a sign in seal”. Do it. Sometimes people will create phony sites to steal your info and this is a good way to avoid it for if you don’t see it you know you are not on the right site. This feature helps you avoid Phishing sites.

Here is a link to make one:


5)   Have fake emails in your address box

Alright this one I discovered by chance when someone got into my email and sent a mass message to my friends. Simply put some didn’t use that email address anymore and the address box had not been cleared out. What happens when an email address does not exist? Yahoo sends you a message letting you know it can’t send the email.

This fact can be turned to your advantage by creating some false email addresses in your address box and if all security fails and someone does get in you will be notified if you aren’t locked out. With this warning system in place you will know when you have to change your password and revamp your security.


Thank you for reading. I hope some of these tips will help you secure your email address against those who would want to get in. Remember since there are people who would it is not paranoia.


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