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Fix Blue Screen Windows Stop Error - BSOD 0x0000007B

Updated on September 5, 2015

Inaccessible Boot Device or 0x07b Stop Error

The 0x0000007B Blue Screen Error is one of the most common windows stop errors and can have its source in a bad hardware, outdated driver, corrupted registry or a virus. The stop error occurs accompanied, along with the BSOD, with one of the following factors:

  1. Windows restarts and you see the message: A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damages.
  2. Windows restarts and you see the message: INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE Error.
  3. Windows restarts and you see other less common error messages ( like hal.dll error).

As bad and scary as it is curable and fixable...most of the times anyway.

I have put together a check list of steps to perform when you get the 0x0000007B Stop Error and recommendation on what to do to avoid getting BSOD in the future.

Causes of BSOD and 0x07B Error

The 0x0000007B Error, commonly, can be triggered by the following factors:

  1. Outdated or Corrupted Drivers - A device driver was poorly installed or outdated.
  2. System File Corruption - A program or a virus corrupted windows system files.
  3. Hardware malfunctions - New Hardware might not be compatible with existing or it just stopped working from other reasons.
  4. Registry Corruption - A virus or a program overwrote the registry keys or deleted some keys.
  5. Viruses - A virus had deleted, overwritten or changed important files that are need for Windows to function properly.

Solutions to Windows Stop Errors - Part 1

Fixing the Blue Screen of Death 0x07B error can be slightly difficult if you are not an advanced PC user. I hope that the steps i provide will help any level PC user to solve this windows stop error.

STEP 1. Obviously your PC has been restarted. If it turned back on and you did not experience another BSOD, you are a lucky fellow. Do not perform any of the steps below, unless or until you get another blue screen.

STEP 2. Check your hard drive and make sure it is properly installed.

  1. Set the jumper to Master, if you want to use it as primary disk or Slave if you ant to use it as a secondary drive.
  2. Make sure the IDE or SATA cable is properly and securely connected to your hard-drive.
  3. Make sure the power cable is properly connected: the red wire should be on the inside of the cable.
  4. Please use the screws and screw back your hard drive.

STEP 4. You installed new drivers for your hard drive or any other hardware and you get stop 0x07b error and blue screen.

  • Restart PC, while restarting press F8 to go to advanced boot options and choose: Last Known Good Configuration.
  • Boot into windows and perform a system restore. Choose the restore point immediately before the installation of new drivers.
  • If you know what drivers you have installed, go to Device manager and perform a driver rollback.

STEP 5. Update drivers for your entire system. NOTE: If you are an advance PC user you can uninstall old and install new drivers manually. If you are not one, go with professional programs - that do it for you. It is your choice.

The Driver Software that i personally use and recommend is Driver Robot. Read Below In Tips &Tricks my review about it.

Solutions to Windows Stop Errors - Part 2

STEP 6. Perform a full virus scan of your computer. Include the Boots Sector and Master Boot Record in the scan.

If you have a professional anti-virus software, you are lucky again. You won't have to purchase anything. Here is what you do:

  1. Update your security program.
  2. Set up a custom full scan including MBR and boot sectors.

If you do not have a professional anti-virus software, i can recommend 3 antivirus programs that i consider the best: Norton Internet Security, Avira Premium Security and Avast Internet Security


September 2015 Update: Still using Avast. It got better, faster and works very well on Windows 8.1 and 10!

UPDATE: September, the 7th, 2014. I have uninstalled Norton and am using Avast Internet Security. Avast is much faster ans has the sandbox mode (you run your browser completely secured...just read about it on their website.)


STEP 7. Check your hard drive for errors. Sometimes a faulty hard drive can trigger a BSOD.

Use chkdsk to repair hard drive errors. Here is how you do it:

From recovery console:

  1. Boot form your OS CD or DVD. Windows will begin setup process. Press R to get into Recovery Console when you see the OS name Screen Setup.
  2. Press 1 and Enter
  3. Put in the admin password if existing or leave blank if none and Enter
  4. Now type the following: chkdsk c: /r
  5. The above command will repair disk C, where your windows is installed.

From Windows:

  1. You can open cmd.exe and type the chkdsk c: /r command.
  2. You can open my computer > Right click Disk C > Properties > Tools > Error Checking

STEP 8. Repair you Windows Installation.

Sometimes the 0x07B stop error or BSOD can be simply fixed by performing an easy windows start-up repair. Here is how you do it:

If you have XP:

  1. Boot form CD.
  2. Press Enter at Setup Windows Screen, when asked.
  3. Press R to repair Windows Installation.
  4. Go through Normal Installation Procedures until you are done.
  5. Install latest updates for Windows and other devices (update devices with - see the link below)

Note: This procedure will not delete any user data and files. It only copies original windows files over the bad or existing ones.

If you have Windows 7:

  1. Boot form DVD
  2. Click: Repair your Computer (DO NOT CLICK INSTALL NOW)
  3. Choose windows 7 installation.
  4. Choose Startup Repair
  5. Click Finish

Note: Sometimes you have to perform the above step twice or at most three times. Take the time and do it. If it does not work try using the System Restore, it is just below Startup Repair.

Some basics steps

Basic common sense rules:

  1. Make sure you hard drive has enough free space. Minimum 5% of the total space is recommended.
  2. Apply latest service pack for your Windows.
  3. Check all the cables or loose hardware.


Nothing Works? Clean Windows Installation Will

Just in case you can not get rid of the blue screen of death and/or 0x0000007B stop error after trying the steps above, i do not see other option other than reinstalling windows form scratch.

Painful but necessary.

Read below what to do to avoid getting BSOD and other stop errors in the future!

How to avoid BSOD and other stop errors | Tips & Tricks

Now after you have fixed the cause of your BSOD or stop error, you probably pray and hope it won't happen again. Performing some simple steps will keep you from getting the dreaded blue screen again. Here they are:

  1. Always update your drivers. You can manually update and search regularly for new updates. ALWAYS keep your computer UPDATED!
  2. Always and regularly scan your entire system with a reliable anti-virus program. I can recommend Norton Internet Security, Avast Internet Security.
  3. Do not download or open web pages or emails that look suspicious. Actually the above mentions programs have features where they tell you if a website is safe to browse.


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